How to Submit a CIR

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If you are a Salesforce user

  • From Customer Support console, select the Customer Support navigation item and press New. (See slide 4 in CIR Salesforce Submitter Training.)
  • From Service console, from an existing case, select Feed, then Create New Customer Support (CIR), and select Record Type from the drop down. (See slide 9 in CIR Salesforce Submitter Training).
  • From Sales Lightning console, select the Contacts navigation item and search for the contact. Then, click on the New CIR Case button. (See slide 14 in CIR Salesforce Submitter Training).

If you do not have have a Salesforce license

If you have any questions about submitting, please email

Learn How To Submit A CIR From Salesforce

Required Information When Submitting A CIR By Email

If submitting a CIR by email, you must include all the required information.

Required Information

Valid Selections

Issue Type

Hardware, Software, Parts, Situational, Solution

Case Type

Standard, OBE, Parts

Case Level

1st Level Escalation, Issue/Inquiry, Suggestion/Request, FYI

Company Name

For specific region and country

Contact Name

Contact Email

Okay to contact Customer? 

Yes or No

Customer Communication Preference

Email, Phone, Customer Interface Owner

Customer Interface Owner (CIO)

Email address

Problem Summary

Problem Description

Product Model #

If applicable

Product Line

If applicable

Serial #

If applicable

Asset #

If applicable

Part #

If applicable


If applicable

Root Cause Requested?

Yes or No

Requested Participants

Email address of each participant

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