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IQ_Mod_Setup (IQ Modulator Setup)


Available in ADS


Name Description Units Default
Freq Modulation carrier frequency; must be a non-negative real number GHz 1.0
Order Order for Harmonic Balance analysis; must be a positive integer greater than 0 None 10
Pin_Start Start value of input power sweep for harmonic balance analysis; must be a real number dBm −40
Pin_Stop Stop value for input power sweep for harmonic balance analysis; must be a real number dBm 10
Pin_Step Interval for input power sweep during harmonic balance analysis; must be a real number dB 2
All power values are referenced to a 50-Ohm system. Pin_Stop >= the following values: 10 + 20 × log10 (vmax) where vmax is the maximum peak voltage magnitude of the modulated signal sqrt(|Vi| 2 + |Vq| 2 ). Pmax,z + 10 × log10(z/50) where Pmax,z, is the maximum modulated signal power in dBm for a z Ohm system.

  1. IQ_Mod_Setup performs a swept Harmonic Balance simulation of a circuit-level I/Q modulator and generates a dataset for subsequent use by the data-based system model IQ_Mod_Data.The use of this component is highlighted in the example project IQ_Mod_prj .
  2. In order for IQ_Mod_Data to produce an accurate model of the circuit-level demodulator characterized by IQ_Mod_Setup, the Order parameter for IQ_Mod_Setup must be large enough to prevent aliasing of higher-order frequency components. For mildly non-linear circuits, an Order of approximately 5 should suffice, while an Order in the range of 10-15 is recommended for highly non-linear circuits.
  3. The modulation behaviors are extracted for a single carrier frequency and over the range of modulation signal power specified by Pin_Start and Pin_Stop . These power values are specified in dBm with respect to a 50-Ohm system. For an accurate IQ_Mod_Data behavioral model, Pin_Stop must be set at least as large as the expected maximum modulated signal power level. Refer to the Parameters table footnotes for conversion if working in other than a 50-Ohm system.
  4. Push into IQ_Mod_Setup in a Schematic window for a view of the swept Harmonic Balance simulation controllers. This component can be copied and modified to suit individual needs; typically, this would entail changing the Harmonic Balance controller HB1 to achieve more efficient simulations. For more information, refer to Harmonic Balance Simulation.
  5. The extracted ADS dataset is assigned the name of the extraction design by default.
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