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AmpLoadPull (SDD Load-Pull Amplifier)


Available in ADS


Name Description Units Default
Dataset Name of dataset containing load-pull data for this amplifier model None dataset.ds
File-based data is also supported via use of the DataAccessComponent

  1. For amplifier designers, the AmpLoadPull and LoadPullSetup components address the issue of output match in one or more frequency bands. This is often investigated via load-pull contours indicating the load impedances, which, when presented to the output of an amplifier with a given source impedance and power, cause a certain power to be delivered to the load. The LoadPullSetup component extracts a dataset, given ranges and steps for input power, output reflection coefficient magnitude and output reflection coefficient angle. AmpLoadPull uses this dataset and allows fast behavioral amplifier simulations for all input power and output reflection coefficient values in the specified ranges.
  2. This amplifier model uses the load-pull ADS dataset generated by the LoadPullSetup component. This behavioral profile can be referenced using the Dataset parameter of the AmpLoadPull component.
  3. AmpLoadPull is useful in modeling nonlinear amplifiers with or without input/output matching networks. This model can be used in all types of simulations.
  4. When using this model in other simulations, ensure the input power and the load value are within the range of the original data.
  5. The use of this device and its extractor component is highlighted in the example project AmpLoadPull_prj.
  6. This model does not generate harmonics, and its performance is not affected by the source or load impedances presented to it at the harmonic frequencies.
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