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# Title Creation Date
1 Build A Beam Workshop 09-14-2016
2 SystemVue 4G-5G Communications Workshop 10-17-2014
3 SystemVue Digital Communications Workshop 08-07-2013
4 SystemVue Throw Away Your Spreadsheets! Workshop and Lab Exercises 07-15-2013
5 SystemVue FPGA Workshop and Lab Exercises 03-20-2013
6 SystemVue 2011.10 C Sharp scripting example QPSK_BER.exe does not run 03-16-2012
7 SystemVue 2011 Digital Pre Distortion DPD Step by Step Power Amplifier Measurement Example2 GSM 6 carrier 64X no CFR 01-31-2012
8 SystemVue 2011.10 Digital Pre-Distortion DPD Step-by-Step Power Amplifier Measurement Example1 LTEA 5MHz 1CC 64QAM CFR 01-29-2012
9 SystemVue Example General Filter Zdomain S domain Expressons Tune Coefficients and See Result on Poles Zeros 01-02-2012
10 SystemVue Mathlang Example Code To Calculate Adjacent Channel Power ACP Integrated Measured Power Spectrum 12-09-2011
11 steps to generate custom MS Visual Studio C plus plus model to use in SystemVue Simple Model Builder Example 11-10-2011
12 SystemVue generate write vs source read data files Text wfm sdf arbitrary ASCII 10-31-2011
13 SystemVue LTE good example of generating LTE UL Tx sounding reference symbol SRS 10-19-2011
14 Linking SystemVue to Matlab Integrated Matlab matlabregion vs Matlab_Cosim Installation 32B 64B versions supported step by step examples 10-06-2011
15 SystemVue Spectrasys vs DataFlow Undersampled ADC Example 09-27-2011
16 SystemVue ADS LTE Source like LTE_UL_Src DFTSwap_Enable parameter 08-30-2011
17 SystemVue Using RF System Analysis Spectrasys RF Amplifier SDATA_NL Model Reference User S-parameter Touchstone File 08-28-2011
18 SystemVue 2011 step by step example WiMax UL Measure BER with Hardware ESG E4438C MXA N9020A 08-16-2011
19 SystemVue Radar Modeling Applications what type of radar system applications can be modeled 08-01-2011
20 Agilent SystemVue xQAM Signal Generation and RFin out BER Pure Simulation Results vs. Theoretical Calculations 07-05-2011
21 SystemVue 2011.03 N8241A wideband ARB signal downloader instrument driver example 06-30-2011
22 SystemVue Mathlang approaches external script or in-line component model to control specific simulation time event 06-22-2011
23 SystemVue VSA_89600_Sink 89601A VSA Floating License resolve error 0x00000001 0x800401e3 exited prematurely during startup 06-13-2011
24 Different ways to set the SystemVue SampleRateOption component 05-24-2011
25 first principles IQ Modulator shows context of complex envelope data SystemVue Data Flow simulation 05-24-2011
26 SystemVue LTE Repeat Chop Filter Eliminate Phase Discontinuity Spectral Regrowth Time Varying Spurs ESG MXG 05-09-2011
27 SystemVue ADS Cosimulation compute RMS average peak power automatically for modulated signal like LTE 11-19-2010
28 SystemVue 2010.07 ADS 2009U1 WPAN Cosimulation Example SV_ADS_Link WPAN_HRP_TxEVM.wsv Avoid Race Condition 10-29-2010
29 FAQ for SystemVue DPD - the W1716 SystemVue Digital Pre-Distortion Builder 10-13-2010
30 SystemVue 2010 Emerging Technology Seminar 10-01-2010
31 SystemVue transfer encrypted wfm Signal Studio Files by DataSink vs. unencrypted bin by SignalDownloader_E4438C ftp methods 08-23-2010
32 SystemVue ADS link bidirectional cosim 3-in-1 example LTE HD WPAN ZigBee 05-03-2010
33 SystemVue capture export precise number payload bits uncoded coded LTE trasceiver Baseband Verification LTE 3GPP_LTE_DL_SISO_BER 03-03-2010
34 SystemVue part model symbol customization add new pin port to sub-model and symbol for new instances of part 02-25-2010
35 More about SystemVue SignalDownloader_E4438C implements IQ signal scaling align average power simulated signal vs downloaded ARB ESG MXG source 02-18-2010
36 SystemVue Synchronizing Event Pattern Triggers Multiple ARB Sources ESG MXG Common Signal Download 02-10-2010
37 SystemVue N6841A RF Sensor Cognitive Radio Algorithm Development 5990-4389EN 01-09-2010
38 SystemVue N6841A 01-09-2010
39 SystemVue 2009 Steps to Generate Download LTE FDD TDD Waveforms MXG Playback VSA MXA Measure swept power BER 01-09-2010
40 SystemVue 2009 LTE UL QPSK 5MHz RB download ESG MXG save IQ file ASCII binary SignalStudio wfm N5106A PXB 01-09-2010

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