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 2022 Release Notes


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 2022 contains enhancements and defects fixed from the previous versions.

For general information about

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, visit Keysight EEsof product webpage at:

What's New

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Statistical model feature to provide one-stop statistical model extraction flow. For more information, refer Simple Statistical Model Extraction Tool
  • Support for AgeMOS and URI model simulation and model tuning
  • Supports new model versions: BSIM-BULK 107.0.0, BSIM-IMG 103, BSIM-IMG 102.9.4, BSIM-CMG 111.1.0
  • Updated the default Java version to jdk1.8.0_202

Defects Fixed

  • Fixed the issue of BSIMBulk 107 simulation mismatch between internal/hspice simulator.
  • Fixed the issue of loading continued lines with an extra backslash "\" at the end of the last line.
  • Fixed the issue of PathWave Model Builder (MBP) to call external Spectre simulator when option "SPECTRE_DEFAULTS=-E" is used. To avoid errors of parsing netlist, a closing entry is added to the first comment line in the netlist, for example, "//**Keysight Inc **//"
  • Fixed the issue of PathWave Model Builder (MBP) mark for the model card that disappeared after switching model.

Known Issues

  • If the Display setting for size of text, apps, and other items is 150% or more, the text in the GUI may not appear correctly.  
    Workaround: On Windows, go to Display Settings and select the Display option. Reduce the Change the size of text, apps, and other items setting to less than 150% under Scale and layout section.
  • When the display resolution used by the user is relatively high, 2K or 4K, after 
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     is opened, the display interface and font size will be small.
    Workaround: You need to manually find the mbp.bat in the $MBPHOME directory. Edit the bat file, add option -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false. The configuration statement is shown below.


  • MBP requires: a) the version 2021.02 of the EEsof EDA licensing software, b) a minimum code-word version 2021.02 or above, and c) the licensing server software, lmgrd and agileesofd, to be upgraded to at least the same versions as what are included in EEsof EDA Licensing software 2021.02  MBP will not start if any of these requirements is not met. Refer to the License Codeword Version Compatibility Table.
  • In the EEsof EDA License Tools version 2021.02, licensing vendor daemon (agileesofd) is integrated with FlexNet FNP version (Windows) and FlexNet FNP version (Linux) of FlexNet license manager daemon (lmgrd). For the Windows platform, MBP installer will automatically set up these two new license server daemons by default for the local node-locked license users; for the Linux platform, you need to follow the Setting Up Licenses on Linux instruction to complete the licensing configuration process. For more details, refer to Licensing (For Administrators).


The new UI improves overall online help usability by providing the following key benefits in addition to several other minor benefits:

  • Table of Contents Sidebar: Displays collapsible Table of Contents for the entire documentation. The left-double-arrow icon collapses the sidebar, and the right-double-arrow icon displays the sidebar back again.
  • PDF Button: Allows you to instantly generate PDFs of the latest documentation anytime, including current page’s children pages. Currently, the PDF generation option is available only for 2020 release. For other releases, you can switch to their Printing Manuals page and download the existing PDFs like earlier.
  • Product Release Switcher: Allows you to view the current page in other supported releases listed in the drop-down menu. Once you select a release from the drop-down menu, the current page is updated to show the content applicable to the selected release. The Table of Contents is updated as well. With this, you bookmark URL of only one release and then switch to other releases from this drop-down menu.
  • Latest Documentation: The documentation available in the new UI is always kept updated for all supported releases. These updates are available to you as soon as they happen at our end. This provides you 24x7 access to the most recent and technically accurate documentation.

For more details, see How to Use Online Help.

Licensing Issues Fixed

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Issues Fixed
Issues Fixed

  • Unable to setup
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    Licenses using License Setup Wizard 

Operating System Support

The following are

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supported platforms:

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support:MBP Supported Platforms
support:MBP Supported Platforms


  • On Windows, Printing directly from installed help generates non-readable output. Workaround: Use PDF version of the document for printing purpose.

  • In the installed help when you open a page using the "Open a link in new tab" option the help does not open a page in a different tab by default. You need to set the preferences to open any link in a new tab. To set the preferences:

    1. From the 201x version of the installed help, Click Edit > Preferences. The Preferences Dialog box is displayed.

    2. Select the Options tab.

    3. Under Appearance, select the Show tabs for each individual page option.

    This is one time setting for a particular release of a product.
  • While using the installed help, you may encounter issues like help not showing any content, it throws an error, it displays unexpected hierarchy in the Content tab, or it does not display any search results. Workaround: Close the help, delete the contents of the following directory and open the help again.
    • On Windows: C:\Users\<Windows_Login_ID>\AppData\Local\Keysight\Help        
    • On Linux: $HOME/.local/share/Keysight/Help
  • The installed help search does not support [] or {} or any other text using these combinations.

Known Issues - Licensing

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Known Issues
Known Issues

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