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This document contains references to Agilent Technologies. Agilent's former Test and Measurement business has become Keysight Technologies. For more information, go to

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  • Supports the Cadence Unified Reliability Interface(URI) simulation and model tuning.
    • Supports the URI model simulation in
      Product fullname
       by invoking external Spectre.
    • Supports the invoking of the .so file to simulate.
    • Supports the compact model, subckt model or binning model as a core model.
    • Provides the default example project with pre-defined IMV plots: Vth/Idsat vs. time, delta Vth/Idsat vs. time, and so on.
    • Supports the extend simulation for instance parameters and time.

  • Supports the new version of BSIM-BULK 107.Supports M for BSIM-BULK Spectre with internal engine.
  • Supports new A-LFNA (E4727B) data with Measured_V1 and Measured_V2 statement.


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