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This document contains references to Agilent Technologies. Agilent's former Test and Measurement business has become Keysight Technologies. For more information, go to

Versions Compared


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  • Fixed that HISIM_HV SPECTRE simulation failed due to parameters case sensitive
  • Fixed that function expression f(x,y,z) will return error if the variables are defined out of function statement
  • Fixed that SPECTRE model can’t be loaded in corner model utility
  • Fixed that local HSPICE will always pop up in the front
  • Fixed that Corner model GUI display wrong in some cases

Known Issues

  • When facing display issues on a 4k resolution screen, add -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false" after -DMBPHOME="%MBPHOME%” in mbp.bat file.

Operating System Support

For more information on supporting Operating System (OS), see Supported Platforms.


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