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Why doesn’t my instrument’s Browser Web Control work?

Impacts systems with Java 7 or Java 8:


Many of Keysight’s Brower Web Controls use Java to provide a remote user interface for instrument functionality. In recent years, Java has become a target for hackers, so Oracle has begun tightening security requirements when running Java applets in a web browser. Some of Keysight's Browser Web Controls require configuration of the Java Security settings to work correctly.

To enable your instrument’s Browser Web Control to work with Java 8, you may need to add your instrument’s web address to the Java “Exception Site List” on your PC. To do that:

  1. Navigate to the Window’s Control Panel on the PC you will use to connect to your instrument. Open the item Java (or use Window's Search and type in Configure Java)
  2. In the Java configuration tool select the Security tab
  3. In the section Exception Site List, click the Edit Site List… button
  4. On the Exception Site List dialog click the Add button
  5. In the Location field add your instrument’s web address, which can take several forms depending on your preferred access method:
    1. If you want to access the instrument’s Browser Web Control using its IP address, enter the address in the form https://IP_ADDRESS. For example:
    2. If you want to access the instrument’s Browser Web Control using its hostname, enter the address in the form https://HOSTNAME. For example:

    3. If you want to access the instrument’s Browswer Web Control using its fully-qualified DNS name enter the address in the form https://FULLY_QUALIFIED_DNS_NAME. For example:
  6. Click OK. You may get a warning message that adding an https address poses a security risk. Click Accept.
  7. You can add multiple address formats for the same instrument, e.g. IP address, hostname, and fully-qualified DNS name, for added flexibility in accessing the instrument's Browser Web Control.
  8. Click OK on the Java configuration tool.
  9. Restart your browser. You should now be able to access your instrument’s Browser Web Control.


What to do if you still can’t access your instrument’s Browser Web Control:

If you are using Google Chrome, you should visit Why doesn’t my instrument’s Java Browser Web Control work on Chome 42+?

Some Keysight instruments provide Browser Web Controls that are not digitally signed by an authentication certificate, and are not compatible with Java 8. In that case you will need to:

  1. Uninstall all versions of Java 8 from your PC
  2. Install the latest version of Java 7 on your PC, which you can download from:
  3. Follow the steps above to add your instrument's web address to the Java Exception Site List

If you have further questions or comments about your situation, please contact your local Technical Contact Center by visiting

Last revised April 17, 2015






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