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What's new in Command Expert 1.2?


Command Expert 1.2 New Features
Feature Description
Additional Supported Enviroments Now Supports Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012, MATLAB R2012b and R2013a, and Keysight SystemVue 2013.07 and above.
Local Variables Local Variables are like Parameters, but are internal to a Command Expert sequence. They allow you to store the output of one command and use it as the input into another. Example Screenshot
Running Sequences in .NET Languages Similar to agRunSequence for MATLAB, you can now play a Command Expert sequence in Visual Studio with a few commands.
IO Monitor Instrument Simulation You can play a sequence using an IO Monitor log capture to simulate real measurement results.
Copy and Paste You can now copy and paste steps between Command Expert sequences.
Integration with Keysight Connection Expert In the New Instrument dialog box, you can now easily add instruments that have already been configured in Keysight Connection Expert.  Example Screenshot
No More Auto Connection Delays Opening a Command Expert sequence no longer connects automatically to instruments. The connection is now made when the sequence is run.
Additional LabVIEW Support LabVIEW sequence blocks can now use 13 input and 13 output parameter pins instead of the previous limitation of 6 input and 6 output parameter pins. You can now use multiple instruments in one sequence block

 Last Modified: May 3rd, 2013

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