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What is the MTBF for 34970A and 34972A?

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How to define the MTBF for instrument


What is the MTBF for 34970A and 34972A?


Keysight MTBF :
Keysight measures its instrument’s failure rate by measuring the number of units that failed during the warranty period as reported by Keysight's worldwide service centers as compared to the number of units in warranty for the same time period. 

Keysight does not calculate the MTBF since Keysight does not know how much time each instrument is turned ON and used.  But if we assume that the instrument is used only during normal business hours during a normal business year, the ON time is 4,000 hours per year for power meter and power sensors.  This would equate to a MTBF of 4,000/AFR(annual failure rate).  If the unit is used for more or less time than the estimated 4,000 then the MTBF should be adjusted accordingly.

This calculation does not guarantee any specific performance with an Keysight instrument.  It is only an indicator to the reliability performance as measured by Keysight Technologies based on the data available to us.
You reliability may vary depending on many factors, such as: age of the instrument, temperature, humidity, general usage, environmental factors, storage, and others.
Reference Link : Explanation of Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment MTBF Calculation Methodology

The 34970A have an FAQ that lists MTBF as 20+ years. Please refer to below link.

Here is the MTBF value for 34972A :
  AFR(annual failure rate) MTBF=4000/AFR
34972A 1.09% 366.97 kHrs
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