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What is the difference between the Integrated true-mode stimulus application (opt 460) and the Differential and I/Q devices application (opt 089)?

The Integrated true-mode stimulus application (TMSA) and the Differential and I/Q devices application (DIQ) both simplify measurements of differential (balanced) devices. The two applications however, are used for different measurements.


TMSA (460)

  • Handles measurements where the input and output frequencies are the same.
  • Ideal for S-parameter measurements
  • Can get forward ad reverse sweeps in the same channel
  • Measures both differential and common-mode S-parameters
  • Not used for IMD or harmonic measurements


DIQ (089)

  • Used to measure I/Q modulators/converters and differential mixers.
  • Used for harmonic measurements of differential amplifiers (THD and IMD)
  • S-parameter traces must be defined explicitly. For example, S21 must be defined as b2_F1/a1_F1.
  • Forward and Reverse sweeps cannot be done on the same channel.
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