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What is SPECS?

SPECS (Semiconductor Process Evaluation Core Software) is a semiconductor parametric test shell that runs on the Keysight 4070 Series, 4080 Series, and P9000 Series Parametric Test Systems. SPECS merges the intuitiveness of a graphical user interface (GUI) with the organizational logic of a spreadsheet to create an extremely efficient test plan development environment.

SPECS requires the creation of only four specifications to generate a test plan:

  • Wafer
  • Die
  • Probe
  • Test

A convenient data analysis package is integrated in the SPECS test environment. SPECS stores test data and user-specified information as ASCII data files with 4070/4080 Series, or binary file as ROOT files with P9000 Series. These files are available for use directly with built-in report generators, so you can create formatted reports and graphs. SPECS also supports graphical outputs such as wafer maps, X-Y graphs, and histograms.

The SPECS framework structure enables you to customize and control the overall test shell behavior, and provides you with a convenient method of defining user interfaces, controlling wafer probers, and specifying test shell execution. The plug-in feature of the SPECS frameworks allows you customize framework templates to your exact needs, and then retain this customization through future SPECS upgrades without the need to re-code.

The SPECS modular design allows you to combine any framework (engineering, production, or host) with any test specification.

SPECS can also be linked with computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) environments. Since SPECS stores data in an ASCII or binary of ROOT format file, it can easily be transferred to a data management system on the manufacturing floor for further analysis.

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