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What is BenchVue software?

The BenchVue platform software contains and hosts various BenchVue apps. BenchVue apps allow you to control your test instruments and simplify your test processes. Each BenchVue app includes:

  • Instrument control with no programming needed.
  • Data visualization for data logs and other measurements.
  • Test automation using BenchVue Test Flow to build automated tests as easily as using your instrument front panel saving you days to months of data collecting time or test development.
  • Easy data exports to formats such as .CSV, Microsoft Word, Excel, or MATLAB.

What instruments does BenchVue work with?

Currently, BenchVue software is enabled on over 600 Keysight instruments. Please visit for the latest list of supported Keysight instruments.

Do I need to pay for BenchVue? My current version is free

  • The BenchVue platform software, required to run the BenchVue apps, is still provided at no-cost.
  • Most of the BenchVue apps require a paid license for use. To determine if your app requires a paid license, visit the web page for your particular app to find out licensing details. BenchVue offers flexible licensing options starting at less than $100 USD. A free 30-day license can also be enabled directly from the App Tab in BenchVue Once you have installed BenchVue and your desired app(s), simply navigate to your app’s details page within the App Tab and press the Start Trial button. A complete list of BenchVue apps can be found at
  • A BenchVue license is included with new instrument purchases for many Keysight instruments. To find out if your model is eligible go to
  • Nearly all BenchVue licensed apps now include use of Test Flow enabling you to easily build automated test sequences without requiring instrument programming such as the use of SCPI or IVI commands.
  • You can download the new BenchVue apps via the App Tab in the BenchVue platform software or visit:

Can I go back to my older version after installing BenchVue?

Yes. First uninstall BenchVue, then download the older version you would like to install. You will need to have the installers for the older versions of your apps in order to downgrade. Use the Apps tab in the older version of BenchVue to download and install your app.

What’s a Control and Automation App?

The BenchVue Control and Automation apps include the ability to easily connect to your instruments, control them without programming, and perform some basic analysis such as visualized data logging. These apps also include controls and measurements that have the ability to be automated in our Test Flow workspace. Simply drag the orange box controls into the workspace. With BenchVue, test automation can now be executed as simply as using your instrument’s front panel allowing every engineer to easily create automated tests. For more information on Test Flow visit

What Apps don’t include Test Flow?

  • BenchVue Power Meter/Sensor App (BV0007B)
  • BenchVue Lab Manager (BV0110B)
  • BenchVue Lab Client (BV0111B)

How can I get a license?

  • A free 7-day and 30-day Trial license is available via the Apps tab in BenchVue. Once you have the BenchVue platform software installed, simply install your BenchVue app, navigate to your app’s details page within the App Tab and press the Start Trial button.
  • You may also purchase BenchVue apps directly from Keysight via a Keysight representative or from one of our Keysight Sales Partners.

Can I have latest BenchVue and an older version installed simultaneously?

No, you can only have one version of BenchVue installed on your PC.

How much does an application cost?

  • BenchVue has flexible licensing options for every budget and a variety of use cases. Prices start at <$100 USD. For more specific price information, visit the individual app pages for quick quotes  or contact Keysight or your local Keysight sales partner.
  • BenchVue also has a Complete Control Collection (BV9001B) that is a collection of BenchVue apps. Purchasing this collection will ensure that nearly all your Keysight instrument types will be supported when you use BenchVue. To see what’s included in the this collection visit

Will I lose all my data if I migrate to BenchVue?

No, upgrading to the latest BenchVue will not delete your data. Your previous data logs will be preserved in the Data Manager.

How can I get help or report bugs for BenchVue software? 

Please visit:

Request additional BenchVue instrument support or additional features? 

Please send email:  

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