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What are the New PathWave ADS Products?

The new PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) product structure is simpler and easier to configure, has fewer elements that include more application-focused value, and is your path to PathWave.

PathWave ADS Solutions

New PathWave ADS solutions enable you to:

  • Achieve design success with a complete desktop flow
  • Easily integrate with PathWave electromagnetic simulators
  • Share and manage workspaces across teams
  • Model nonlinear designs with X-parameters
  • Incorporate leading foundry and industry designs
  • Increase yield with optimization cockpit and data display 

What's New?


  • MMIC Design
  • Signal and Power Integrity
  • RFIC Design
  • RF & Microwave Board Design
  • RF System-in-Package (SiP) & RF Module Design
  • Power Electronics

PathWave ADS - Software Bundles

PathWave ADS software bundles provide system engineers with a choice of value-packed, pre-configured combinations of software built for specific system design challenges.

PathWave ADS Bundles

ModelProduct NameDescription

Base Bundles

W3600BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design CoreHigh-frequency design software, simulation and synthesis package providing tuning, optimization and statistical design support for RF, microwave, MMIC, or RFIC design flows at the enterprise level. Also includes interoperability (Verilog A & EMPro Core)
W3601BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + LayoutAdds comprehensive physical design environment specifically geared for high-frequency circuit development, including artwork import/export for ODB++, DXF, Gerber/drill, IGES and GDS-II formats. Also includes Advanced Layout (DRC, LVS, 3rd party DRC/LVS support, RFIC utilities & more)

RF & Microwave Bundles

W3602BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + HBFrequency domain non-linear designs
W3603BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + RF Ckt SimFrequency and time domain non-linear designs with digitally modulated signals
W3604BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + RFProFrequency domain linear designs with RFPro EM simulation
W3605BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + Momentum + HBFrequency domain non-linear designs with Momentum EM simulation
W3606BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + RFPro + RF Ckt SimFrequency and time domain non-linear designs with digitally modulated signals and RFPro EM simulation
W3607BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + RFPro + RF Ckt Sim + Sys-Ckt VerificationFrequency and time domain non-linear designs with digitally modulated signals and RFPro EM simulation and includes system level simulation
W3608BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + RFPro + RF Ckt Sim + Sys-Ckt Verification + Complete VTBsFrequency and time domain non-linear designs with digitally modulated signals and RFPro EM simulation and includes system level simulation and verification test benches libraries
W3609BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + RFIC Design Quad (GoldenGate) + Layout + RFPro + RF Ckt Sim + Sys-Ckt Verif + VTBsFrequency and time domain non-linear designs with digitally modulated signals and RFPro EM simulation and includes system level simulation and verification test benches libraries. Adds the RFIC Design Quad (GoldenGate) simulator
W3615BPathWave ADS Core, EM Design Core, Layout, RFPro, HBBridges the gap between the W3605B and W3606B

High-Speed Digital (HSD) Bundles

W3621BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + HSD Ckt SimSerDes simulation
W3622BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + HSD Ckt Sim + Memory DesignerSerDes and memory simulation
W3623BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + HSD Ckt Sim + PIProPower Integrity focus
W3624BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + HSD Ckt Sim + SIProPost-layout EM verification for SerDes
W3625BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + HSD Ckt Sim + SIPro + PIProPost-layout EM verification for SerDes and Power Integrity
W3626BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + HSD Ckt Sim + Memory + SIPro + PIProPost-layout EM verification for SerDes, memory and Power Integrity
W3627BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + HSD Ckt Sim + SIPro + PIPro + FEMHighest accuracy EM simulation

Power Electronics (PE) Bundle

W3631BPathWave ADS Core + EM Design + Layout + PEPro + PE Ckt SimBuilt for power converter design for power generation and transmission, aerospace-defense, automotive, data center, consumer electronics, and IoT applications

For more information on these bundles, refer to the PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) Configuration guide.

PathWave ADS - Simulation Elements

Simulation elements are themselves comprised of one or more separate modules, which add additional design and development functions. These modules, which were formerly sold separately, are now grouped together into very efficient and effective combinations which are the bundles listed above.

PathWave ADS Simulation Elements

ModelProduct NameDescription

Design Environments

ADSCOREPathWave ADS CoreADS Platform Environment, Schematic, Data Display, Verilog A compiler, Broadband SPICE Model Generator, Python Data Link and more
W4300BPathWave EM Design CoreIncludes drawing environment, which enables drawing, manipulating and importing/exporting 3D designs


W3010EPathWave ADS LayoutComprehensive physical design environment including native and links to 3rd party DRC, LVS and more

Circuit Simulation

W3020E PathWave RF Circuit SimulationLinear, harmonic balance, circuit envelope, X-Parameter Generator and transient/ convolution circuit simulators 
W3021E PathWave Harmonic Balance  Provides analysis of nonlinear circuits excited with multi-tone sources, and extensive, preconfigured simulation setups useful in amplifier, RF, microwave, oscillator and custom circuit designs  
W3022E PathWave Circuit Envelope  Provides efficient simulation technique for complex digitally modulated RF signals in addition to templates for designing linearizers, RF Systems, and PLL Systems 
W3023E PathWave RF Transient/Convolution Advanced time-domain Element that includes Transient Simulator (SPICE transient analysis including HSPICE and Spectre compatibility modes) and the Convolution Simulator (creates time-domain models from frequency domain data)
W5501E PathWave RFIC Design QuadGoldenGate simulator able to run up to 4 simultaneous RF simulations within the virtuoso environment 
W3024E PathWave HSD Circuit Simulation Includes Transient/Convolution, Channel Sim, Via Designer, Controlled Impedance Line Designer, Broadband SPICE Model Generator and more  
W3025E PathWave Memory Designer Workflow minimizes the engineering effort required to setup, extract EM models, simulate the buses, and perform compliance testing. Offering a unique capability to use the same measurement science for both simulation and hardware verification stages, finally simulation to measurement comparison is made easy. Includes Memory Designer and DDR Bus Simulator 
W3026E PathWave PE Circuit Simulation Includes Transient/Convolution and the Power Electronics Library 
W3027EPathWave Linear Simulation ElementFrequency-domain circuit simulator that analyzes a large variety of RF and microwave circuits operating under linear conditions.
W3029E PathWave Ckt Sim HPC 1-pack Includes circuit simulation high-performance computing package for parallel computing 
W3071EVPI Optical Link ElementEnables link between ADS and VPI TransmissionMaker
W3077EPathWave CA/Data Bus Pre-Layout BuilderCommand Address and Data Bus Pre-Layout builder is a wizard driven workflow, with 3 added via types. Additionally supports clam-shell configuration
W3078EPathWave Advanced DDR AMI ModelerEnables designers to build single ended PAM4 AMI models for memory interfaces, especially targeted for next generation memory systems including GDDR6X, GDDR7, and potentially DDR6
W3081EPathWave USB AMI ModelerUSB AMI Modeler enables you to quickly and easily build AMI models for USB with next generation PAM3 modulation. Use the wizard driven workflow to modify specific parameters for your models including: CTLE, AGC, Compression, DFE, CDR, and more. USB AMI Models build out the models in the following file formats: .ami, .dll / .so, .ibs, and .conf which is a reusable file format
W3082EPathWave PCIe AMI Model BuilderQuickly and easily build AMI models for PCIe for both transmitters (Tx) and receivers (Rx) using the PCIe AMI Model Builder tool within PathWave ADS.

Electromagnetic Simulation 

W3030EPathWave RFPro Simplified EM analysis user interface integrated in the ADS and Virtuoso environments including Momentum 3D Planar and FEM full 3D EM simulation technologies with predictive expert settings 
W3031E PathWave Momentum Momentum is the leading 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator used for passive circuit modeling and analysis, Combines full-wave and quasi-static EM solvers for RF passives, high-frequency interconnects and parasitic modeling 
W3032E PathWave FEM Full wave 3D EM simulation capabilities based on the Finite Element Method (FEM), Includes the RFPro UI for use within ADS 
W3033E PathWave SIPro Provides signal integrity (SI) analysis of complex high-speed PCBs, enabling you to characterize loss and coupling of signal nets, and ultimately extract an EM-accurate model that can be used in the ADS Transient and Channel Simulators 
W3034E PathWave PIPro Provides complete power integrity (PI) analysis of your power distribution network (PDN). Simulation engines include DC IR drop analysis, Thermal and Electro-Thermal DC analysis, PDN AC impedance analysis, Bill of Materials optimization for decoupling capacitors, and finally power plane resonance analysis 
W3035E PathWave PEPro Includes Momentum and FEM Simulators 
W3036EConducted EMI (CEMI) with PIProConducted EMI Solution now available with PathWave ADS PIPro licensing enabling differential setup with ground plane referencing to match conducted EMI test bench measurements. Includes essential standards for automotive testing.
W3039E PathWave EM HPC 1-pack  Lower priced EM simulation license for Momentum or FEM distributed High-Performance Computing applications. Combine multiple 1-packs for greater performance. Requires base simulator license 
W3061EPathWave RFPro HFSS Link OptionPathwave RFPro 3DEM Simulation link option to use 3rd party Ansys HFSS FEM simulator.

System-Circuit Verification Simulator & Verification Test Benches (VTBs)

W3040E PathWave Sys-Ckt Verification Simulator Ptolemy and Virtual Test Bench (VTB) Simulators for use with Radar, 5G/Cellular, WiFi/Connectivity VTBs  
W3041E PathWave Radar VTB Virtual Test Bench for Radar Applications, requires VTB Engine 
W3042E PathWave 5G and Cellular VTB Virtual Test Bench for 5G & Cellular Applications, requires VTB Engine 
W3043E PathWave WiFi and Connectivity VTB Virtual Test Bench for WiFi and additional wireless connectivity standards Applications, requires VTB Engine 
W3046E PathWave WiMedia, WVAN and DTV VTB Virtual Test Bench for WiMedia, WVAN & DTV Applications, requires VTB Engine 
W3048E PathWave VTB Engine Virtual Test Bench simulator for use with Radar, 5G/Cellular, WiFi/Connectivity VTBs  
W3049EPathWave Complete VTBs Includes all of the above VTBs

Electrothermal Simulation

W3050E PathWave Electro-Thermal Simulator Temperature-aware circuit simulation results based on state-of-the-art thermal solver technology directly integrated with the ADS layout environment and circuit simulators 
W3051EPathWave Electro-Thermal Dynamic Model GeneratorGenerates time-varying electro-thermal (ETH) models to significantly speed up subsequent electro-thermal simulations by typically 10x. Requires W3050E Pathwave Electro-Thermal Simulator. Dynamic ETH models can be used with all ADS circuit simulators.

PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) Add-On

W3060E PathWave Synthesis, SpectraSys & Modulated-RF PathWave Synthesis, SpectraSys & Modulated-RF: Automatic synthesis of lumped and distributed RF/Microwave circuits, RF system architecture design, Digitally modulated RF sources for accurate ACPR and EVM analysis 

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) Add-On

W4803BPathWave System Design Core + RF + Comms/DSPPathWave System Design is a platform for designers to create RF and DSP system-level simulations. Behavioral models from ADS can be added to these system-level simulations to capture circuit-accurate behavior of higher-level system performance

How to Buy

For more information on how you can take advantage of these powerful new software products, please consult your local Keysight PathWave Software Solutions sales representative.

Student License Program

If your studies are going online, Keysight can help. As a current user of Keysight’s PathWave Design Software, formerly Keysight EESof EDA, you are invited to make use of the student license program.

The student license program provides students and professors at supported universities fully functional licenses for use resident on their personal computer.

Send your students to get their licenses today.

For more information on how you can take advantage of these powerful new software products, please consult your local Keysight PathWave Software Solutions sales representative.

Learn more about PathWave Design Software.

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