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Uncertainty Calculators. What is the Accuracy of My Measurements?

Whether you are a novice or experienced user of Keysight test equipment, you may sometimes need more details to answer the question "How accurate are these measurements?" Learn more important details and download the following uncertainty calculators.

Instrument TypeFamilyCalculator
Network AnalyzersVNA

32-bit Software Download Page

64-bit Software Download Page

Network AnalyzersPNA-XSoftware Download Page
Power SensorsN8480 SeriesExcel File
Power SensorsE-seriesExcel File
Power SensorsU2020 X-SeriesExcel File
Power MeterN432AExcel File
Power MeterP-SeriesExcel File
Power MeterU2000 SeriesExcel File
Power MeterEPM-seriesExcel File
Noise Figure
Software Download Page
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