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Searching the Parts Catalog

We have provided three methods for searching the parts catalog
     • Searching by part number or description
     • Searching by product number or description
     • Search by product or part

Searching by part number or description
If you know some or all of the specific part number or its description, that can be entered in the "search by part" box.

Search by model number or description
If you do not know the specific part number or description but do know the product number where the part is used, searching by product number is often a good approach to help identify the part. Searching by a product number (for example, searching for the product numbers N9030A or 34401A, will return a listing of all the options available for the product. From this screen, you can click on “View parts” to see a listing of all parts contained in that option. From that listing of parts, filters can be applied to narrow the search to part category.

Part categories are:
Accessories - carrying cases, leads, probes, probe tips
Batteries - batteries, battery box assemblies, battery packs
Cables - cable accessories, power cords, interface cables 
Components/Memory - capacitors, firmware, proms, relays, resistors
Connectors/Adapters - connectors, couplers, filters, sockets
Hardware - cases, chassis, covers, fixtures, screws
Kits - calibration kits, product options, retrofit kits, service kits
Manuals/Software - service manuals, operating manuals, software
Miscellaneous - bumpers & feet, cable ties, fans, fuses, knobs, motors
Modules - display modules, hard drives, RF assemblies, monitors 
PC Boards - amplifiers, attenuators, keyboard assemblies, mother boards
Power Supplies - power supplies, power supply assemblies
Racks/Enclosures - rack assemblies, rack mount kits 
Tools - drills, extractor kits, pliers, power drivers, torque wrenches 

Search by product or part
If you are unsure if you have a part or product number – use the "Enter a part number or product number" search field. This will return search results showing matches for products and parts allowing you to narrow down your search.

Searches can be performed on a complete or partial part number or part description. Wildcards are permitted in the search box but not as the first character as illustrated below.

Examples of valid search terms are:
      Power Supply
Examples of invalid search terms
     * Supply

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