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My USB Flash Drive is not recognized by the 34972A. What to do?



Trouble shooting tips for the USB data logging function of the 34972A.


My USB flash drive is not recognized by the 34972A. What to do?


How to log data on an external USB flash drive with 34972A:

1. Plug USB stick in 34972A.

2. Check if MEM LED is on. 

Display Annunciators see 34972A User's Guide on page 14:


IF MEM LED is on -> see step 3
IF MEM LED is off -> see step 4

3. Enable USB Data Logging function on the 34972A.

Press [Shift] Interface --> USB Drive -> Log Readings -> Logging AUTO

When you Start the scan, check if AUTO LED is on while the scan is running.

Exporting and Formatting of the data see 34972A User's Guide on page 187.

4. Make sure USB stick is formatted with FAT or FAT32.

4GB flash drive data files are fully supported. Secured flash drives are not supported. 

Flash drives from some manufacturers may not work. The ones that worked on our side are PNY, CBM, Kingston, Toshiba, SanDisk, and HP.

Try to:

  • plug them in a couple of times
  • reformatting them to FAT or FAT32

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