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Keysight Certified Expert FAQs

  1. What is the process on how to become a Keysight Certified Expert?

    The first step is to enter the program as a nominee. Potential participants can be nominated by a Keysight technical employee, who will act as a sponsor to apply on their behalf and include his or her recommendation for consideration. Then the candidate will complete a detailed certification questionnaire to document their skills and public technical work (e.g. examples, papers, postings, videos, patents, etc.). The Keysight Certified Expert committee will review the application before final acceptance.

    Most Certified Experts are nominated by a Keysight technical employee, but if you feel like you are qualified and interested in this program, please contact the Keysight Certified Expert program manager at
  2. What qualifications do I need to become an Keysight Certified Expert?

    We are looking to recognize those engineers that the industry recognizes as experts in applying Keysight EEsof EDA tools. As such, we require a Keysight technical sponsor. EDA tool expertise can be gained through courses, practice, experimentation, product development, publication, teaching and coaching others. Minimally we look for evidence of these activities, such as URLs to relevant publications. We also require two non-Keysight references who can vouch for expertise. Additionally, the candidates who set themselves apart from others are the ones who have a track record of sharing their knowledge in ways that help advance the industry.

Learn more about the Keysight Certified Expert program and Meet Our Keysight Certified Experts.

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