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Keysight 54600 Scopes: Is 2 MB of Data Displayed on Each Channel?

Yes. The new high definition display system maps the deep memory to 32 levels of intensity across the 1000 point horizontal display at extraordinary update rates of 25 million vectors per second per channel with new acquisition and display hardware. Basically, intensity values indicating frequency of occurrence are maintained by the new proprietary acquisition and display ASICs. This allows the 2 MB of memory to be displayed in 32 levels of intensity, with the most frequently occurring values being the darkest and the least frequently occurring values being the lightest. Thus showing subtle details not seen with other digital scopes. Plus, the new Keysight 54600 Series are the only deep memory scopes that respond instantly to your control changes or to your signal changes with update rates up to 25 million vectors per second per channel. This innovative new acquisition and display system is patented.

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