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Is it possible to programmatically receive the displayed low/high stimulus values when using the "CALC1:MARK:BWID:DATA?" bandwidth query results?

(SUPPORTED MODELS IN BOLD: E5071C E5072A E5070B/71B E5070A/71A E5061A/62A E5061B E5063A E5091A E5092A)

When manually configuring the ENA network analyzer via the Marker – Marker Search – Bandwidth ON, the manual process results in low and high stimulus values as displayed on the analyzer’s front panel.

 E5071 Marker - Marker Search - Bandwith ON: 177 MHz Band Pass Filter

                                                                                                         E5071C Marker – Marker Search – Bandwidth ON : 177MHz Band Pass Filter

However, programmatic implementation of this functionality via the “CALC1:MARK:BWID:DATA?” command does not include the displayed low and high stimulus values.

The Keysight VEE programming snippet and related images provide an outline of commands and process steps which will retrieve the bandwidth query low and high stimulus values. The solution relies on the use of the bandwidth query, reference marker, marker 2, marker 3, marker target search left and marker target search right capabilities.

Addtional Details/Example

                                                                                                                   Image 1 – Keysight VEE Programming Snippet Image - Main Program  (View larger image)


                                                                               Image 2 – Keysight VEE Programming Snippet Image - clearAllMarker_fnctn Function (View larger image)


                                                                            Image 3 - Keysight VEE Programming Snippet Image - Reset_BW_Query_and_Engage_fnctn Function (View larger image)

The solution presented is based upon the Keysight VEE Programming Language. A free 30-day evaluation copy of Keysight VEE Pro is available via the "Documents & Download" section. For those programmers whom do not utilize Keysight VEE Pro, there is a text-based pseudo command set via the associated Pseudo Code for ENA BW Query Stimulus link below.

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