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How do I upgrade my N9923A FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer?

30-Day Free Trial Options License for FieldFox Handheld Analyzers           

  • Redeem FREE 30-day trial option license for your existing FieldFox handheld analyzer
  • Evaluate the full-featured version of FieldFox capability with no functionality restrictions
  • Trial period begins when the license is issued through the Keysight Software Licensing website and is non-renewable
  • One 30-day trial license for each option/capability per instrument
  • Certain option may require prerequisite option(s) to function, please check additional requirements for more information
  • Be sure your instrument is current with the latest firmware release to take advantage of the latest functions and capabilities.


If you are ready to redeem a free 30-day trial license, please select the option trial and complete the short redemption form. You will be prompted for serial number for the specific instrument you will be using.

Option License Upgrades for FieldFox Handheld Analyzers             

  • Most of the N9923A FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer options are available for post-sale retrofit.
  • The table below provides an Installation Note for each upgrade. The installation note includes a list of the performance verification tests and adjustments required as well as the test equipment and test software necessary to complete the upgrade. In most cases the instrument will need to be sent to and Keysight Service Center.
  • Hardware upgrades may require that a minimum firmware is already installed. Up-to-date firmware can be downloaded for free from FieldFox - Firmware.
  • Upgrades may also require the redemption and installation of a license key before they will be activated. Once a redemption certificate is received, the license key(s) can be redeemed at the Software License Redemption Website.
  • Required adjustments for all options are performed for new instruments before shipment from the factory. Upgrades installed during the first 12 months of use do not require testing or adjustment. When an option is added to an instrument after it has been in service for more than 12 months, annual calibration is recommended for some options to insure specified performance.
Description Option Model Number Option Trial Order option upgrade as Installation Note Upgrade Contents Minimum Firmware Adjustments Required Additional Requirements Incompatible With Installed By - Estimated Time
CAT/Vector Network Analysis

Vector network analyzer time domain analysis

010 N9923A

N9923A-010 Trial

N9923AU-010 Available
Software, License key A.06.04 None Recommended option: 122 None Customer - 0.5 Hrs
112 N9923A

N9923A-112 Trial

N9923AU-112 Available
Software, License key None None None


Customer - 0.5 Hrs
Vector network analyzer full 2-port S-parameters
122 N9923A
N9923A-122 Trial
N9923AU-122 Available
Software, License key None Annual calibration1
None None Customer - 0.5 Hrs
1-port mixed-mode S-parameters 212 N9923A
N9923A-212 Trial
N9923AU-212 Available
Software, License key ≥A.07.50 None Required option: 122 None Customer - 0.5 Hrs
Cable and antenna 305 N9923A
N9923A-305 Trial
N9923AU-305 Available
Software, License key None None None None Customer - 0.5 Hrs
Vector voltmeter 308 N9923A
N9923A-308 Trial
N9923AU-308 Available
Software, License key None None None None Customer - 0.5 Hrs
Power Measurements
USB power sensor meas. versus frequency
208 N9923A
N9923A-208 Trial
N9923AU-208 Availavble
Software, License key A.07.50 None Required option: 302 None Customer - 0.5 Hrs
 USB power sensor support 302 N9912A
N9923A-302 Trial
N9923AU-302 Available
Software, License key None None Use with power sensor. List of compatible sensors available from None Customer - 0.5 Hrs
Pulse meas. with USB peak power sensor
330 N9923A
N9923A-330 Trial
N9923AU-330 Available
Software, License key A.07.26
None Use with peak power sensor. List of compatible sensors available from None Customer - 0.5 Hrs
System Features
Remote control capability 030 N9923A
N9923A-030 Trial
N9923AU-030 Available
Software, License key A.07.00 None Requires an iOS device None Customer - 0.5 Hrs

For more information about Keysight Fieldfox series, please visit FieldFox Handheld RF and Microwave Analyzers.

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