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How do I setup for DisplayPort Hot Swap capability?

The M9537A has 3 DisplayPorts that are activated on boot-up. If you move a cable from one DisplayPort to another, you must reboot to activate the new configuration. This is because the factory installed graphics driver version does not support Hot Swap. If you want the Hot Swap feature, you must upgrade your graphics driver.

To upgrade your graphics driver:

  1. At, click on Support > Downloads & Drivers > Browse for Drivers.
  2. In the Search Downloads field, type “Intel HD Graphics 530” and hit enter.
  3. Download the “latest” 64-bit *.exe file that is not “Beta”.
  4. Move the *.exe file to your M9537A, and run it to install the new driver.

After reboot, the Hot Swap feature will work. You can look at your new driver version number in the Windows Device Manager. Here is that view showing the factory installed graphics driver. Your newly installed driver will have a later version number.

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