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N6854A        Geolocation Server Software – Adds Geolocation measurement capability to the Sensor Management Tool (SMT). Requires a minimum of 3 N6841A RF Sensors each with option N6841A-GFP Get free trial
N6841A-MFP Multiple Digital Down Converts (DDC) – Adds multiple narrow-band digital down converters to the N6841A. In this mode the sensor is locked to a 20 MHz bandwidth anywhere in the tuning range of the sensor (20 MHz and 6 GHz). Get free trial
N6841A-EFP Embedded Applications – Adds the ability to download and run applications inside the sensor without the use of an external computer. Get free trial
N6841A-GFP Enable the RF Sensor to be used in Geolocation measurements. Required for use with the N6854A Geolocation Server software Get free trial
N6841A-CFP Extend the frequency range of the RF Sensor. Requires additional upconverter or downconverter hardware. Get free trial
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