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Conflict Between Remote Desktop and Web UI (X -series Signal Analyzers)



Customer wants to use remote Desktop and then useWeb UI. He found the "Control Instrument" page become blank. The methods shown here can get around the issue.


Customer has N9040B. He complained that " I recently opened a Windows Remote Desktop session from my desktop to the UXA. That works really nicely too. The problem is that, when I closed the Remote Desktop session and attempted to connect to the UXA instrument again via the web UI (using its same static IP address), the " Control Instrument" web page was now blank.



This is a byproduct of how Remote Desktop works.  It puts the login screen on the instrument's display.  If the display is not up, then the web interface isn't able to show it remotely.

Solution 1: 

Not all remote access programs works this way.  So, some customers who need the display to show on the instrument and remotely at the same time have instead used programs like Real VNC and TeamViewer.

Solution 2: 

When you are using remote desktop method for the remote N9040B, you can remotely reboot by going into Command Prompt and typing the following shutdown -r And that -r switch is IMPORTANT! Otherwise it will shut down, and there is no way to remotely start it up again (we haven't enabled Wake on Lan or anything like that).

After that, you can use web server to control the N9040B again.



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