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Can I Use a USB External Storage Devices?

Most memory sticks (FAT32 formatted USB drives) work well with the FieldFox. Certain types and brands of USB memory sticks sometimes have problems properly enumerating as a USB device. This results in the USB stick not being recognized by the FieldFox when the stick is plugged in. Some problem USB memory sticks prevent the FieldFox instrument from successfully booting up when plugged in. Our testing has shown that some models of Kingston brand memory sticks are most likely to exhibit these problems.

If you have a problem with a USB memory stick, try each of the following steps until operation is successful:

  1. Move the USB memory stick to the other USB port on the FieldFox.
  2. Remove the USB memory stick and reboot the FieldFox.
  3. Reformat the USB memory stick on a PC. Use FAT32 for the file system.

Unfortunately, some USB memory sticks will not work correctly with the FieldFox no matter what you do.

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