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34970A: Is there a battery in the Keysight 34970A?

Yes. A 3.0-volt lithium battery, A1BT101, is used to power the real-time clock, stored state, and reading storage memory with line power removed. The battery has a nominal lifetime of 4 years and can be replaced by the user. The battery is soldered into the 34970A. This battery does not affect the calibration memory.

A low battery will typically give errors when ac line power is removed and then re-applied. Any of the following errors may indicate a low battery:

  • 201, "Memory lost: stored state"
  • 202, "Memory lost: power-on state"
  • 203, "Memory lost: stored readings"
  • 204, "Memory lost: time and date"

Replacement battery Keysight part number 1420-0860. Refer to the 34970A Service Guide for verification and replacement procedures.

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