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30-Day Free Trial for X-Series Measurement Applications for NxxxxEMxD/E Licenses and Performance Options

  • Redeem FREE X-Series measurement application 30-day trial license for your existing X-Series signal analyzer, multi-touch UI (UXA/PXA/MXA/EXA/CXA) (N90xxB), traditional UI (PXA/MXA/EXA/CXA) (N9000A), PXIe VSA (M9391A/M9393A), PXIe VXT (M9420A/M9421A), PXIe CXA-m (M9290A)
  • These measurement applications trials are only for the new N90xxEMxD/E and N61xxEMxD/E licenses. For other existing NxxxxA/B/C, WxxxxA/B or MxxxxA/B X-Series measurement application trials, please visit the links at the bottom of this page.
  • Evaluate the full-featured version of a X-Series measurement application with no functionality restrictions
  • One 30-day trial license for each application per instrument
  • Trial period begins when the license is issued through the Keysight Software Licensing website and is non-renewable
  • Be sure your instrument is current with the latest software release to take advantage of the latest functions and capabilities. Signal & Spectrum Analyzer Firmware Update Center
  • For E-models or W-models supported signal analyzers, you can continue to apply the N-models 30-day trial license and install on all signal analyzer platforms.

If you are ready to redeem a free 30-day trial license, please select the application and complete the short redemption form. You will be prompted for information (serial/model number) for the specific instrument you will be using.

X-Series Measurement Application DescriptionX-Series Measurement Application,
Multi-touch UI Model
X-Series Measurement Application,
Multi-touch UI Literature
X-Series Measurement Application,
Multi-touch UI Online WebHelp

X-Series Measurement Application,
Traditional UI Model
X-Series Measurement Application,
Traditional UI Literature
Vector modulation analysis digital modulation

N9054EM0E Trial License

Technical OverviewVMA Mode Online (webhelp)

Vector modulation analysis custom OFDMN9054EM1E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewVMA Mode Online (webhelp)

Power Amplifier

N9055EM0E Trial License

Technical OverviewPA Mode Online (webhelp)

Channel Quality/Group Delay

N9056EM0E Trial License

Technical OverviewChannel Quality Mode Online (webhelp)

Remote language compatibilityN9061EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewRemote Language Compatbility User's & Programmer's Reference
N9061EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
SCPI command compatibilityN9062EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewSCPI Command Compatbility User's & Programmer's Reference
N9062EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Analog demodulationN9063EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewAnalog Demod Mode Online (webhelp)
N9063EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Pulse AnalysisN9067EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewPulse Analysis Mode Online (webhelp)

Phase noiseN9068EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewPhase Noise Mode Online (webhelp)
N9068EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Noise figureN9069EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewNoise Figure Mode Online (webhelp)
N9069EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
GSM/EDGE/EvoN9071EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewGSM/EDGE Mode Online (webhelp)
N9071EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
WCDMA/HSPA+N9073EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewWCDMA Mode Online (webhelp)
N9073EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
WLAN 802.11a/b/g/j/p/n/af/ahN9077EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewWLAN Mode Online (webhelp)
N9077EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
WLAN 802.11ac/axN9077EM1E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewWLAN Mode Online (webhelp)
N9077EM1D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
WLAN 802.11beN9077EM2E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewWLAN Mode Online (webhelp)

LTE and LTE-Advanced FDDN9080EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewLTE-FDD Mode Online (webhelp)
N9080EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
NB-IoT and eMTC FDDN9080EM3E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewLTE-FDD Mode Online (webhelp)

LTE V2XN9080EM4E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewLTE-FDD Mode Online (webhelp)

BluetoothN9081EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewBluetooth Mode Online (webhelp)
N9081EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
LTE and LTE-Advanced TDDN9082EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewLTE-TDD Mode Online (webhelp)
N9082EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Multi-standard radioN9083EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewMSR Model Online (webhelp)
N9083EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Short range communication and IoTN9084EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewShort Range Comm and IoT Online (webhelp)

5G NRN9085EM4E Trial LicenseTechnical Overview5G NR Mode Online (webhelp)

NR V2XN9085E M4E TrialTechnical Overview5G NR Mode Online (webhelp)

Measuring receiverN9091EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewMeasuring Receiver Mode Online (webhelp)

AvionicsN9092EM0E Trial License
Avionics Mode Online (webhelp)

Basic analog radio testN9093EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewRadio Test Mode Online (webhelp)

Basic digital radio testN9093EM1E Trial LicenseTechnical Overview Radio Test Mode Online (webhelp)

EMIN6141EM0E Trial LicenseTechnical OverviewEMI Mode Online (webhelp)
N6141EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Power Suite MeasurementN90EMPSMB Trial LicenseApplication NoteSA/Power Suite Mode Online (webhelp)

cdma2000N9072EM0E Trial License

N9072EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
1xEV-DON9076EM0E Trial License

N9076EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
TD-SCDMAN9079EM0E Trial License

N9079EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Frequency mask trigger, basic detectionN90EMFT1B Trial License

Duplex IF RTSAN90EMDUAB Trial License

Real-time analysis up to maximum available BW, basic detection

N9020RT1B Trial License
RTSA Mode Online (webhelp)

N9020RT1A Trial License

N9030RT1B Trial License
RTSA Mode Online (webhelp)

N9030RT1A Trial License

N9038RT1B Trial License
RTSA Mode Online (webhelp)
N9038RT1A Trial License
N9040RT1B Trial License
RTSA Mode Online (webhelp)

N9041RT1B Trial License
RTSA Mode Online (webhelp)

Basic EMC functionalityN90EMEMCB Trial License

N90EMEMCA Trial License
Time domain scanN90EMTDSB Trial License

N90EMTDSA Trial License
Enhance display packageN90EMEDPB Trial License

N90EMEDPA Trial License
Fast power up to 40 MHzN90EMFP2B Trial License

N90EMFP2A Trial License
External source controlN90EMESCB Trial License

N90EMESCA Trial License
Software-based IQ bandwidth expansion
(Band Stitiching)
N90EMBWSB Trial License

VXA vector signal analysis

N9064EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Mobile WiMax

N9075EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview
Digital cable TV

N6152EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview

N6153EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview

N6155EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview

N6156EM0D Trial LicenseTechnical Overview

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