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Slotted Waveguide Antenna



Abstract:This example illustrates the powerful feature of EMPro python scripting for slot array parameters calculation and parametrize feature of EMPro to create generalized examples using a slot array antenna from 1 GHz to 70 GHz.Slotted antenna arrays used with waveguides are a popular antenna in navigation, radar and other high-frequency systems. A waveguide is a very low loss transmission line which enables a signal to propagate to a number of smaller antennas (slots). Each of these slots allows a small amount of the energy to radiate. Slot impedance and resonant behavior for a single slot are dependent on slot placement and size. Its exceptional directivity in the elevation plane gives it quite high power gain. The slotted waveguide has achieved most of its success when used in an omnidirectional role. To make the unidirectional antenna radiate over the entire 360 degrees of azimuth, a second set of slots are cut into the back face of the waveguide. When looking straight at the face of the waveguide, you will be able to see straight through both slots. Unfortunately, unless a lot of slots are used, the antenna becomes more like a bidirectional radiator, rather than omnidirectional.

A picture of a Slotted Waveguide Antenna is shown to the right.

Array Antenna Design Flow in EMPro

Figure 1 illustrates the Design Flow Array Antenna in Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro).

Figure 1: Design Flow Array Antenna in EMPro

Linear Array Sketch

Figure 2 shows the linear sketch of the array antenna.

Figure 2: Linear Sketch of the Array Antenna

The fields in the Linear Sketch are listed below:

  • Slot to Top
  • Slot length
  • Slot Offset
  • Slot Width
  • Distance from port (Slot Position from Port)
  • Length
  • Wg_a (Rectangular Waveguide Wide Side)

The parameters of these fields are shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Field Parameters


This is generalized example of slot array antenna from 1 GHz to 70 GHz. This example uses powerful feature of EMPro python scripting for slot array parameters calculation and parameterize feature of EMPro to create generalized example.

Number of slots and Frequency are two variable input parameter. Varying these two parameters provides many combination in which array antenna can be designed.

Use the following archive file:
Archive file: Slot_Array_Generalized_Antenna.zep

To demonstrate how to run the slotted antenna array, refer to the following Slotted Waveguide Antenna presentation:



Array Antenna Performance at 2.41 GHz
WAN: antenna for 2.44GHz, or channel 7
Slotted Waveguide 802.11b WLAN antennas

Simulation time- 22Min 47 sec
Gain-10.48 dBi
Unknown - 0.2 Million
Memory – 400 MB (Iterative)

Array Antenna Performance at 6 GHz

Simulation time- 32Min 41 sec
Unknown - 0.3Million
Memory – 400 MB (Iterative)
Gain-10.48 dBi


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