(WIP) Horn Antenna with Waveguide Port

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Horn Antenna with Waveguide Port



Abstract:This example illustrates the simulation of an Optimum Gain Pyramidal Horn antenna design based on Antenna Theory and Design by Stutzman & Thiele.The Horn Antenna with Waveguide Port is shown is following figure:


The setup involves the following steps:

  • Drawing Pyramidal Horn Geometry
  • Setting up waveguide Port
  • Setting up FEM boundary/Padding condition
  • Setting up Far Field Sensor
  • Running FEM Simulation


The results can be categorized as follows:

  • Port results
  • Radiation results (3D plot)
  • Radiation results (2D plot)

Port Results

Frequency: Results in Plot

Propogation Constant

Choosing Propagation Constant from Result type will list two plots again: Discreet and Frequency

Frequency: Results in Plot

Discreet: Results in Tabular form for different frequencies

Radiation Results (3D plot)

E plot at 9.3 GHz

Radiation Results (2D plot)

Gain vs. Angle


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