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Abstract:A Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) bandpass filter is analyzed with the FEM simulator in ADS and EMPro.High performance microwave passive components, such as waveguide filters, can have high manufacturing costs. A way to reduce these costs is to realize substrate integrated waveguide components, where the waveguide structure is embedded in the same substrate which is used to implement the active part of a microwave system. The conductor layers form the top and bottom walls of the waveguide. An array of vias forms the side walls of the waveguide.

This example is a four pole X band Tchebyshev dual inductive post substrate integrated waveguide filter from 10.15 GHz to 10.7 GHz, and is designed for terrestrial broadcasting (see References). The filter is designed on RT/Duroid 5870 material with a relative dielectric constant of 2.33, loss tangent of 0.0012 and thickness of 0.7874 mm. The diameter of all holes was chosen to be 1 mm and the distance between side wall holes is 1.5 mm. The width of the SIW is 13.27 mm and the total length of the designed filter is 77.7 mm.

The filter structure with the input/output microstrip to SIW transitions is shown below.

Figure 1: SIW filter configuration and dimensions

Figure 2a: SIW filter implemented in EMPro

Figure 2b: SIW filter implemented in ADS


The FEM simulation can be run in either ADS or EMPro and takes just a few minutes to finish. S-parameter results are shown below and compared to measured data.

Figure 3: FEM simulation results

Figure 4: Measured data

Figure 5: Field plot at 11.5 GHz, outside the passband


A highly compact bandpass filter is implemented as a substrate integrated waveguide and simulated in EMPro. Results are consistent with measured data, and field plots are observed.


(1) Taha Shahvirdi, and Ali Banai, “Applying Contour Integral Method for Analysis of Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters,” Microwave Symposium (MMS), 2010 Mediterranean .,pp 418 - 421 , 25-27 Aug. 2010.

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