Power Integrity Training Modules

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Power Integrity Training Modules

The following power integrity (PI) training modules aim to build your PI understanding from ground up. If you are new to PI, the IR-drop module gives you a good first look at the power distribution network (PDN) and study the effect finite conductivity has on a PDN. Once you are familiar with PI concepts, PI Electro-Thermal module helps you model the PDN more realistically by including temperature and heat in the analysis. Having completed the necessary DC analyses, you can start examining your PDN in the frequency domain with PI AC module. Once you have built up your PI fundamentals, take a look at the PI Advanced module to explore the total PI ecosystem.


Layout Import

IR Drop

PI Electro-Thermal

PI AC + Decap

PI DC Switching VRM and Sense Lines



This module shows you how to import ODB++ and .BRD files into ADS.

This module shows you how to set up an IR drop simulation in PIPro that includes the ground plane resistance, how to interpret the power graph, and how to identify the via that carries maximum current.This module demonstrate PIPro's electro-thermal capability and different approaches to create a electro-thermal analysis. You will know how to adjust fan speed, airflow and thermal sources.This module shows you how to set up an AC Analysis in PIPro that generates an EM model of the PCB power distribution network. This model is then used in a PIPro Decoupling Capacitor Optimization to meet a desired Target Impedance.This module shows you how to add different switching VRM models and sense line to PIPro DC simulation.

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