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Simulate More and Wait Less 

Keysight Design Cloud is a configuration for cloud and high performance computing (HPC) with a great user experience. 
All you need to do is set up your simulation on your local machine, configure the HPC, and start the simulation with Design Cloud.
Let the Design Cloud simulation service take care of the rest. Once the simulation is completed the results are automatically downloaded.  

Learn more about the Keysight Design Cloud with resource below. 


File NameDescription

This PDF presentation gives you a first look at the why and the how of the Keysight Design Cloud HPC. This presentation covers:

  1. Simplified Licensing
  2. Ease of Accessibility
  3. Turn key Cloud Solutions
Design Cloud HPC Webinar Slides

This presentation shows the importance of high performance computing and how it can be best deployed for you. A case study and additional information are provided to demonstrate how you can simulate more and wait less.

Design Cloud HPC Case Study

This case study shows an EM simulation of Xilinx Zynq ZCU evaluation board. In comparison to the single simulation time, the using Design Cloud reduced the simulation time by 83%. The simulation time was cut from close to 15 hours to 2.5 hours.

Download: Keysight Design Cloud HPC Host Service

This zipped file includes an installation guide and required files to deploy the Design Cloud HPC Host Service in your cluster environment.
There are various options going from very basic deployments for testing to elaborate production ready setups.

Download: SiteCluster for Keysight Design Cloud
This zipped file includes the latest SiteCluster implementation that you can use in your Design Cloud installation, or directly in ADS
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