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Electronic System-Level (ESL) Applications Center

The application examples below highlight Keysight’s broad range of ESL applications, design functions and product areas:

Applications Wireless, Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD), Satellite, Radar, Miliatry Communications (Mil Comms), Test, digital signal processing (DSP) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA).
Design Functions PHY system architecture, RF system architecture, RF hardware design, PHY system verification, baseband hardware design, and baseband algorithms.
Product Area The SystemVue environment, RF/Spectrasys, algorithms, libraries, Advanced Design System (ADS) & GoldenGate, ESL partners, and instruments.


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Wireless, DPD, Satellite, Radar, Mil comms,...
PHY Sys Arch, RF Sys Arch, RF HW,...
SystemVue, Spectrasys, Algorithms, Librarys...

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See also the ESL Design Notebook, Keysight's blog home for electronics system-level design.

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