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Abstract:A 45 mm package with high speed traces is simulated with Momentum and compared against measured data.A Ball Grid Array (BGA) package is a very popular package style for high speed digital applications due to high density, low thermal resistance, and low inductance leads. However, as the operating frequency and data rates go up, it is critically important for IC designers to understand the package’s electrical performance and impact of parasitics. This example demonstrates fast and accurate analysis of BGA packages with Momentum.

Design Challenges

A package is the second most expensive part of a chip next to the silicon IC and can add 6 to 8 weeks to the cycle time. Given the very tight market window for digital products, a failure to produce a successful package design can significantly reduce the profit margin or even kill the entire project. Designers are challenged to get the desired package performance right the first time.

In this example we bring a package design from Cadence Allegro APD into ADS for simulation with Momentum.

Figure 1: Package designs from Allegro APD can be imported to ADS for Momemtum simulations

Figure 2: BGA package layout in Allegro APD and ADS following import

Figure 3: Critical portions of the BGA package that will be simulated with EM

Figure 4: BGA package layout stackup in ADS

Figure 5: 3D view of the package layout in ADS

Figure 6: Close-up of a differential pair in the BGA package layout in ADS


Momentum simulation results were compared to measured results for S11 and S21. Measured results were done with two overlapping sweeps on a network analyzer, using a TRL calibration.

Figure 7: Simulated and measured results for S11 and S21

Figure 8: Simulated and measured results for S21 with finer resolution


The high capacity Momentum simulator was used to analyze a BGA package and excellent agreement between measured and simulated results were obtained.

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