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Licensing Overview

The new license is backward compatible with all the previous versions.

SystemVue Authorization Process

When you start an unlicensed version of SystemVue; the Authorization screen appears as shown below:


Depending on the type of license you have, please select the option from the Authorization screen:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Purchased Software

For troubleshooting information:

  1. Click on the link below to download the required license server software and drivers:

  2. Select link for Windows (32-bit & 64-bit) FLEXnet 11.6 Windows,
    When the zip file is completely downloaded, unzip it. A folder called "FLEXnet11.6_Windows" is created.
  3. IF your license file is going to be tied to a USB hardkey (dongle), you will need to FIRST download and install the dongle driver software and install dongle driver. Please refer to document called "InstallingDongleDriver.doc". The USB hardware key should have a number on it to the tune of "9-xxx...". If your license is tied to the Ethernet address of your network card, you may continue forward with this procedure.

Edit your license file

  1. To continue, you should have received a license.lic file from Agilent EEsof Business Support to run GENESYS 2009.04 and/or SystemVue 2009.0x. If you have never received a license.lic file or may have lost it, contact Agilent EEsof Business Support to obtain the file, 1-877-563-1688 or
  2. Edit license file and enter name of license server in SERVER line. For example, in the file below, the name "redwood" has been entered. The original file had the word "unknown"

Run lmtools.exe (acquired from download described in Section I).

  1. Change directories to location where License Server Software was downloaded and unzipped. There is a folder, "FLEXnet11.6_Windows" in this location having folders for 32 bit and 64 bit. Depending upon your Windows operating system, change directories to the desired folder:
    • Windows XP32, Vista 32-go into "32bit" folder
    • Windows XP64, Vista 64-go into the "64bit" folder
  2. Launch the lmtools.exe application to start the license server setup process.
  3. Make sure Configuration using Services is selected.
  4. Click the Config Services tab. The initial contents of that tab appear as shown below:
  5. Now, enter the following fields:
    • Enter Service name. You may use a name of your choice such as Agilent License Server.
    • Use Browse to enter path to lmgrd.
    • Use Browse to enter path to license file.
    • Enter same path as above and give debug file name.
    • SELECT buttons (that is place a check mark) "Use Services" and "Start Server at Power Up" (IMPORTANT: Use Services must first be selected to be able to select Start Server at Power up).
    • Lastly, press Save Service. The completed window should appear something like as shown below:
  6. Go to Start/Stop/Reread tab as shown below and press start server.

    NOTICE THAT SERVICE NAME APPEARS. IF not there could be a problem.

  7. As a final step to ensure things are okay, go back to the Config Services tab and click "View Log" button. You should see a message that agileesofd and lmgrd are UP.
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