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Welcome to the Agilent EEsof SystemVue 2010.01 Documentation

SystemVue 2010.01 is the fourth release of Agilent's SystemVue electronic system-level (ESL) design environment for system architects, algorithm developers, and hardware designers working in commercial wireless and military aerospace/defense applications. SystemVue simplifies signal processing and systems design for challenging physical layer (PHY) designs and offers focused capability for complete PHY modeling including RF systems, fixed point algorithms/systems, and advanced commercial PHY design for LTE, WiMAX, DVB-S2/T2, mmWave WPAN, and Zigbee.
SystemVue 2010.01 builds on the legacy of previous SystemVue releases from Agilent and Eagleware-Elanix. Supported users of previous versions of SystemVue will continue to be licensed for both the old and new versions providing convenient access of all your favorite features and easing migration to our newest version. Note however, that the two platforms are licensed separately.
SystemVue 2010.01 has significant enhancements in many areas as listed below:

  • New C++ Code Generator that offers model export from SystemVue in .dll format as a standard feature and full add-on C++ code generator for specific models, inlcuding any custom built model in SystemVue
  • New X-Paramter model support in SystemVue's RF Architect tool (Spectrasys), including support for cascaded large signal modeling and time domain, data flow simulation through SystemVue's "RF_Link"
  • New generic OFDM Model library as part of the standard SystemVue product
  • New add-on Application Kit for design of Digital Pre-Distortion of power amplifiers for 4G applications like LTE
  • New DVB-T2 source model as part of our DVB-S2 baseband verification library
  • Updates to the LTE baseband verification library for v8.9
  • New optional MIMO Channel Model that support WINNER and WINNER-II ray based modeling, including ability to import 2D antenna pattern data for improved link level analysis
    For a detailed list of changes in this release of SystemVue, refer to the SystemVue 2010.01 Release Notes.

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