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Welcome to the Agilent EEsof SystemVue 2008.12 Documentation

SystemVue 2008.12 begins a new generation of electronic system-level (ESL) design environment for system architects, algorithm developers, and hardware designers working in commercial wireless and military aerospace/defense applications. SystemVue 2008 simplifies signal processing and systems design for challenging physical layer designs, and supports rapid prototyping for FPGAs and embedded DSPs.

SystemVue 2008 builds on the legacy of an older SystemView product from Eagleware-Elanix, now functionally mature in its 2007.03 release. Supported users of SystemVue 2007.03 will receive more information about continuing their access to both the old and new platforms. SystemVue 2008 contains advances in simulation and modeling technology, instrument connectivity, and RF architecture tools.

Please use the drop-down menu above to navigate to any of the books in our documentation set.

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