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Licensing - FAQs

The following table lists the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Licensing.



Where can I find different licensing tools such as lmgrd, lmutil, etc.?

Windows: C:\Program Files\Keysight\EEsof_License_Tools\bin folder
Linux (64-bit): <PRODUCT_INSTALL_DIR>/Licensing/<license tools version>/linux_x86_64/bin directory
On the Linux platform, if you choose to install licensing tools to a dedicated location outside of any Keysight EEsof product installation tree, then you can find all the licensing tools and binaries in <LIC_INSTALL_DIR> directory.

How can I determine the agileesofd version before installing or running any EEsof product?

There are two versions associated with agileesofd: the Flexera Publisher version and the EEsof licensing tools version.

To determine the Flexera version,

type: “agileesofd -v”

To determine the EEsof licensing tools version on Windows

  1. Right click on agileesofd.exe in Windows Explorer and select Properties.
  2. Select the Detail tab in the Properties.
    The Product version is the EEsof licensing tools version.

To determine the EEsof licensing tools version on Linux:

type: “strings agileesofd | grep EESOF”

The Flexera version of lmgrd must be greater or equal than the version of agileesofd and the Flexera version of agileesofd must be greater or equal to the Flexera version supported for the product (such as, ADS). agileesofd is not updated for every release of EEsof licensing tools, so it may have a lower version number. Refer to product release notes for details on minimum version of agileesofd required to run the product.

Where should I copy my license file?

On the Windows platform, Keysight recommends you to copy your license file to C:\Program Files\Keysight\License\EEsoffolder.

Can I change the port number in my license file?

You will not normally need to modify your local node-locked license file. Licenses provided by the Keysight Software Manager (KSM) will have a port number of 27009 on the SERVER line. If you do want to use a different port number, then you need to modify them all of your EEsof license files for a given license server to have the same port number in order for the license server to recognize them and start properly. The License Setup Wizard (beginning with Licensing version 2017.01) will check that all of the license files use the same port (or all have no port). Refer to Accessing Licenses through a Firewall section in the Advanced Licensing Configuration chapter.

Can I access the license activity log file?

For the local node-locked license set up by the License Setup Wizard, you can find out the location of the license activity log by either of the following method:

  1. Start the License Setup Wizard and click Details. Click on the link shown for the license log file opens the log file in a text editor.
  2. Start the License Manager, and go to the “Environment” tab. The entry for AGILEESOFD_SERVER_LOGFILE contains the clickable link that opens up the log file in a text editor.
    For the floating license set up on the network license server, consult your CAD Admin to find out where the log file is located.

I am using valid Combo License but I still get "License Denial" message.

The license checkout denials could be recorded in the license activity log when you use a combo license file that contains both version 2.8 and 3.0 licenses. You can ignore these messages as they don't have any impact on using the product.

Why do I need to set environment variable <PRODUCT>_LICENSE_FILE?

<PRODUCT>_LICENSE_FILE is used by each Keysight EEsof product to identify the licensing configuration for that product. Refer to License Environment Variables section in the Advanced Licensing Configuration chapter for more details.

Why am I getting "License Denial" message?

Occasionally you may receive a license denial message unexpectedly. When that happens, you should check to see if there are any "run-away" EEsof processes that need to be killed, because those run-away EEsof processes might be holding on to the license.

Why should I turn off FLEXLM_TIMEOUT?

FLEXLM_TIMEOUT is used by Flexera when connecting to a license server. The default value of 3 seconds (3000000 microseconds) is sufficient to allow remote connections with typical latencies. It generally will not need to be changed. This value is also used when scanning for port when no port is specified in the license file or in the server string. If you know that there are no latency issues with a server you can reduce the value of FLEXLM_TIMEOUT.Then minimum possible value is 200 milliseconds (200000 microseconds). Keysight recommends using a port number and not changing FLEXLM_TIMEOUT.

Do I need to explicitly specify TCP/IP port?

Not specifying the TCP/IP port for the license server during license setup may lead to checkout delays, unexpected behavior, and/or license checkout failure on the Windows platform. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always explicitly specify the TCP/IP port associated with each license server.

What license version do I need?

Check Product Release Notes first. Refer to License Version to Software Release Compatibility Table for details on license version to use.

What do I do to clean my existing license setup?

When you suspect that your license setup is outdated or behaving weirdly, a quick way to clean up your existing license setup and force a reload and recreation of the license servers and service on the Windows platform is the following:

  • Start the License Setup Wizard.
  • Choose "I want to add or replace my license file" and click "Clear" followed by "Next" to clear your previous license file setup.
  • Choose "I want to add or replace my license server" and click "Clear" followed by "Next" to clear your previous license server setup.
    If your existing license setup is still not cleaned up completely, run lmtools located in the <LIC_PATH> folder to clear the Windows Service related to Keysight EEsof licensing: "EEsof EDA License Server", which can be found in the "Start/Stop/Reread" tab.

How do I determine if I am using the latest agileesofd vendor daemon?

To determine the agileesofd vendor daemon, you must check the following:

  • The startup information for the version string ( agileesofd )EESOF 2016.05 (XXX), shown in the example below.
  • Compare the date stamp with what is installed. It must be dated 03/30/2016.

    12:15:27 (lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   Please Note:
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) 
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   This log is intended for debug purposes only.
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   In order to capture accurate license
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   usage data into an organized repository,
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   please enable report logging. Use Flexera Software LLC's
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   software license administration  solution,
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   FlexNet Manager, to  readily gain visibility
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   into license usage data and to create
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   insightful reports on critical information like
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   license availability and usage. FlexNet Manager
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   can be fully automated to run these reports on
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   schedule and can be used to track license
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   servers and usage across a heterogeneous
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   network of servers including Windows NT, Linux
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   and UNIX. Contact Flexera Software LLC at
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) for more details on how to
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   obtain an evaluation copy of FlexNet Manager
    12:15:27 (lmgrd)   for your enterprise.
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) 
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) 
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) 
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) Server's System Date and Time: Mon Nov 12 2018 12:15:27 India Standard Time
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) pid 2060
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) SLOG: Summary LOG statistics is enabled.
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) Done rereading
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) FlexNet Licensing (v11.13.1.4 build 179569 x64_n6) started on SGH612TFY0 (IBM PC) (11/12/2018)
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) Copyright (c) 1988-2015 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) World Wide Web:
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) License file(s): C:\Users\Public\mom_dds.lic C:\Users\Public\rfpro_otherbundles.lic
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) lmgrd tcp-port 27009
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) ===============================================
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) === LMGRD ===
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Start-Date: Mon Nov 12 2018 12:15:27 India Standard Time
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) PID: 2060
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) LMGRD Version: v11.13.1.4 build 179569 x64_n6 ( build 179569 (ipv6))
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) 
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) === Network Info ===
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Listening port: 27009
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) 
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) === Startup Info ===
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Is LS run as a service: No
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Server Configuration: Single Server
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) Command-line options used at LS startup: -c C:\Users\Public\mom_dds.lic;C:\Users\Public\rfpro_otherbundles.lic -l C:\Users\Public\SGH612TFY0_server_log.txt 
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) License file(s) used:  C:\Users\Public\mom_dds.lic C:\Users\Public\rfpro_otherbundles.lic
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) (@lmgrd-SLOG@) ===============================================
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) SLOG: FNPLS-INTERNAL-VL1-4096
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) Starting vendor daemons ... 
    12:15:27 (lmgrd) Started agileesofd (pid 3428)
    12:15:27 (agileesofd) SLOG: Summary LOG statistics is enabled.
    12:15:27 (agileesofd) SLOG: FNPLS-INTERNAL-CKPT1
    12:15:28 (agileesofd) SLOG: VM Status: 0
    12:15:28 (agileesofd) SLOG: FNPLS-INTERNAL-CKPT2
    12:15:28 (agileesofd) Server started on SGH612TFY0 for:               b_layout_momentum 
    12:15:28 (agileesofd) pjc_b_layout_momentum e_dds                    b_hb_l_momentum_3dem 
    12:15:28 (agileesofd) pjc_b_hb_l_momentum_3dem e_ads_rfpro   
    12:15:28 (agileesofd) EXTERNAL FILTERS are OFF
    12:15:28 (lmgrd) agileesofd using TCP-port 56277
    12:15:28 (agileesofd)          EESOF 2016.05 (03/30/2016)

How do I Find Flex ID of Hardware Key?

You need thenodelockedID of your hardware security key to get licenses from Keysight EEsof. It might also be useful to access this information when you place a call to Technical Support. There are two ways to check this:

  • Before you install the hardware key on your PC, you can read the ID directly from the key.
  • If you have installed the hardware key on your PC, and have also already installed your licenses and the FLEXnet software, enter the following command to check the nodelocked ID:
    lmutil lmhostid -flexid
  • Start Tools > License Manager and Select Environment Tab