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Downloading Your Keysight EEsof EDA Software


Downloading Keysight EEsof EDA software involves saving a file to a temporary directory and then following installation instructions to install the software.

To make downloading files more reliable, we offer the Akamai Download Manager. The download manager provides the ability to pause a download and then resume it at a later time or automatically recover from a dropped connection or system crash. It also improves download reliability for large downloads, especially on high latency or high packet-loss connections.

If you would rather not use the Akamai Download Manager, you can choose to use your browser's default download capabilities.

What To Expect

If your web browser is running on Windows, you will use version 3 of the Akamai Download Manager (DLM3) which requires the installation of the Akamai NetSession Interface the first time you choose to use it. The NetSesssion Interface software installs quickly and easily and after installation is accessible from the Windows Control Panel if you want to configure it or disable it for any reason.

If your browser is running on a non-Windows operating system and your browser supports Java, you will automatically use version 2 of the Akamai Download Manager (DLM2).

Both DLM2 and DLM3 require Javascript to be enabled in your browser.

In all situations, if the download manager is unable to run, or you choose not to use the Akamai Download Manager, your browser's download capabilities will be used instead.

The version of Akamai Download Manager used does not support Internet Explorer 11. Please use IE 11's default download capabilities instead.

Example Session

From a product page, select the Trials & Licenses tab and click on the Details & Download button. The product download page will appear. Choose the platform you want to download and then choose the current version or previous version tab.

To start a download, click on the Download button as shown below. You will need to Agree to the Keysight License Agreement to continue.

After you press Agree, an agreement acknowledgement page will appear and then in a few seconds you will be automatically directed to the choose a download method page. If the choose a download method page doesn't appear automatically, you can select the click here or Continue link to proceed.

What happens next depends on the download method you choose and the operating system your browser is running on.

Akamai Download Manager (Windows)

If you choose Use Akamai download manager and your browser is running in Windows, Akamai Download Manager version 3 (DLM3) will start. If this is your first time using DLM3, you will see a pop-up as shown below that will lead you through installing the Akamai NetSession Interface. Please follow the installation instructions that appear in the pop-up window.

Once the Akamai NetSession Interface installation completes, the download will resume. You will see a dialog box appear that lets you choose where you want to save the file to your machine.

When you click Save, the download will begin. You can follow the download progress via the progress bar. At any time, you can click on the pause button to pause the download. A resume download icon will appear on your desktop that allows you to resume the download from where you left off.

Akamai Download Manager (Linux, Not Windows)

If you choose Use Akamai download manager and your browser is not running on Windows, Akamai Download Manager version 2 (DLM2) will start or your browser's download manager will start and allow you to choose where to save the file on your machine.

Browser's Download Capabilities (All Operating Systems)

If you choose Use my browser's download capabilities, you will see a Thank you for downloading page appear and then a dialog box will open to let you choose where you want to save the file on your machine. If the dialog box doesn't appear after a few seconds, you can click on the click here to download link to start the download.

Once you choose where you want to save the file and click the Save File button, the download will start and you can use your browser's download capabilities to monitor the download. If your browser has an alternative download manager loaded, you will typically be able to select it from the Save File dialog box.