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Supported Platforms

The following table lists the supported 64-bit platforms (Windows, Linux, and Solaris) for ADS.

Operating System and Version

Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 10

RedHat Linux RHEL6

RedHat Linux RHEL7RedHat Linux RHEL8

SuSe Linux SLES11

SuSe Linux SLES12
ADS 2019/2019 Update 1.0
ADS 2020
ADS 2020 Update 1.0/2.0
ADS 2021
ADS 2021 Update 1.0/2.0
ADS 2022
ADS 2022 Update 1.0/2.0
ADS 2023
ADS 2023 Update 1.0
ADS 2023 Update 2.0
For details on operating system roadmap, see

For information on previous ADS releases, see ADS Supported Platforms for Previous Releases.