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Advanced Design System Licensing

The new Keysight Software Manager licensing system (KSM) allows you to handle many of your licensing needs via the web, such as redeeming and upgrading licenses and viewing your available downloads and support details. To install your license, please consult your product's licensing documentation.

NOTE: If you have a version prior to ADS 2005A,  you must contact a Customer Service Representative.

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    About Licensing for ADS

    There are two main steps to get your Keysight EEsof EDA licenses working:

    • Obtain a license
    • Setup your licenses

    Please select the corresponding tabs for more detailed information about these two steps.


    Obtain a License for ADS

    New Users

    Request a License
    Apply for a 30-day FREE trial Request a Free 30-day Evaluation License for ADS.
    Purchase a NEW License for ADS Purchase a license and support from a sales representative.

    Existing Users

    For a New Purchase
    Redeem Entitlement Certificate Use this choice if you have received a Software Entitlement Certificate for a new product or trial license.  
    Renew / Upgrade a License
    New Release License Request Use this choice if you have a current support agreement and wish to upgrade your license for a new release.
    Expiring Keysight License Renew a license that will expire within 30 days without changing the host machine.
    Transfer a License
    Change / Rehost a License (KSM)
    (within 30 days of expiration)
    Use this choice to change or re-host a license on a different machine within 30 days of your license expiration. If your license is set to expire greater than 30 days from your request, you must select the choice below.

    Setup a License for ADS

    License Setup instructions are specific to the version of the product. See the latest release of ADS (the licensing heading) for more information.

    Current Release

    Previous Releases

    • See the ADS download page (select the Previous Versions tab) for the previous version for license setup.


    Keysight Software Manager (KSM)
    Interactive self-help license management system to allow you to redeem, transfer, request and renew licenses.
    Software Entitlement Certificate
    Electronic and print document which provides a list of software licenses to which you are entitled.
    Transferring a License
    A license can be re-hosted or transferred from one machine to the other within 30 days of the license expiration. For transfers prior to this time, please contact your Customer Service Representative for more information
    Licensing Software
    All Keysight EEsof EDA products require FLEXnet licensing software to run.