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AEL Examples

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Recent AEL Examples

# Title Creation Date
1 ADS2020 launches with pvm and AEL errors reported 08-29-2019
2 Calling Tcl from AEL 08-23-2019
3 Generate Random Number in AEL Using Python 06-29-2019
4 Set One Parameter Value with AEL 06-09-2019
5 AEL for ADS Schematic Automation 06-09-2019
6 Renumber All Term Instances in Consecutive Numerical Order 04-28-2019
7 How to create a subset of data 11-12-2018
8 Running ADS 2017 Batch Simulation from Command Line 10-10-2018
9 Plot Only a Subset of S Parameter Data in Smith Chart 10-01-2018
10 Use Ael to Find Pin Coordinates of All Instances of a Given Component Type 07-28-2018
11 AEL Function for Subtracting 2-D Data from 1-D Data in Dds Window 07-19-2018
12 Access S-Parameter Using AEL in DDS Window 05-08-2018
13 Use AEL to Create a Schematic Design with Cell Parameter and a Symbol View 04-24-2018
14 Want Very Short Wires When Using Add Net Names from File Feature 12-06-2017
15 Add Wire to Pin Feature Causes Wrong Connection 12-06-2017
16 de_rotate_inc() returns an error message 10-04-2017
17 Search Path for User Defined Measurement Expression AEL Functions 09-26-2017
18 Macros returns error de_do_rotate_in_design_command() 09-25-2017
19 Use AEL to Add Referenced Library 09-15-2017
20 Get Human Readable File Timestamp 08-03-2017
21 Use AEL to Get Bounding Box of a Pin 07-12-2017
22 Use AEL to Create a Schematic Design with Given Number of Pins 04-15-2017
23 AEL Function for Merging Two ASCII Text Files 03-23-2017
24 Use AEL to Place VAR with Long List of Variables 03-21-2017
25 AEL Addon for Checking Pin Numbers and Names 03-19-2017
26 Using pointers to change multiple variables inside a function 03-08-2017
27 Open Existing Layout Cell with AEL 01-31-2017
28 Use AEL to Create a Pin in Layout 01-30-2017
29 Place EBOND, EBOND_Shape, and VAR Instances in ADS Schematic Using AEL 01-25-2017
30 ADS 2016 db_commit_transation variable/function undefined Error 01-12-2017
31 AEL Function for Detecting if an ADS Simulation is Running 12-09-2016
32 Using 'freq' in AEL Function to Be Called in DDS Window 10-18-2016
33 Smith Chart Utility Error: Failed to create physical layer "AJText" 09-22-2016
34 An Example for de_flatten_all() AEL Function 09-01-2016
35 AEL Function for Using Result of find() Function to Access Data in DDS Window 05-26-2016
36 Set Left-Hand Side Wire Length for ADS2016.01 Add a Wire to Each Pin Tool 05-03-2016
37 AEL Example for Creating Schematic Design, Running Simulation, and Opening Data Display 03-28-2016
38 AEL Example for Placing Multiple VAR and MeasEqn Components 02-09-2016
39 Plotting Gain Compression Data From Multi-Dimensional Sweeps 10-22-2015
40 Add Many EBOND Instances and Change Parameters Using AEL 07-21-2015
41 Use AEL to Add a Wire with Label to Each Pin of a Selected Instance 04-23-2015
42 AEL Example for de_prompt() 04-21-2015
43 AEL Function de_rotate_image() Sometimes Fails 03-24-2015
44 AEL function that loads all AEL files specified in the path and excludes files specified in the exclude list. 10-26-2014
45 AEL function that removes duplicate entries in a specified list. 10-24-2014
46 AEL Example for Placing a Component and Labeling All the Pins 05-27-2014
47 AEL Example for Adding a Menu and Menu Item Callback Function in Layout or Schematic Window 05-14-2014
48 AEL Example for Creating a Schematic Design, Placing Components, and Adding Wires 05-14-2014
49 Calling a Python Function from ADS 05-14-2014
50 Momentum optimizations in Advanced Design System fail after n number of iterations - AEL pop-up message "Error saving design...Unable to rename...due to OS error code...Cannot create a file when that file already exists." 04-07-2014
51 How to run the hpeesofsim command from an ael script 12-31-2013
52 Custom AEL expressions for various SIgnal Integrity (High Speed Digital) applications 11-12-2013
53 ADS Schematic window is missing toolbars and palette menus - Errors during startup referring to undefined variables and functions 09-04-2013
54 Custom, Parameterized Artwork Macros Using Vivaldi Antennas as an Example 01-23-2013
55 The tool of AEL Addon which performs a renumbering of a port number of Term components 06-25-2012
56 Writing custom AEL measurement expressions 01-17-2012
57 ADS fails to launch on Windows platform - "Cannot access macro recording startup directory" 09-28-2011
58 Special function for finding best values while satisfying a condition 08-09-2011
59 Swept Optimization and Simulation (AEL Script)_OA 08-27-2010
60 Save Simulation Data to ASCII_OA 08-27-2010
61 Macro Model S-Parameter Optimization_OA 08-26-2010
62 find index spec_OA 08-26-2010
63 Design Name - Time Stamp Example_OA 08-23-2010
64 Constant VSWR Circles_OA 08-23-2010
65 Extracting Data from a Multi-Dimensional Array Based on Max Value of Data or Similar Filters 08-19-2010
66 Steps for debugging AEL code 01-09-2010
67 ADS tool to locate Variables and the components that use them 01-09-2010
68 Error at ADS - start_server could not invoke program, compiled AEL file is not loaded 11-14-2008
69 Can complex function be able to use with data array? 11-13-2008
70 How to use the ts function and the Vf_bitseq source 11-13-2008
71 How to use the ts() function and the Vf_BitSeq source 11-13-2008
72 What are all these aele_(s) in the dataset after I run the optimization simulation? 11-13-2008
73 wrong type of parameter cannot load component artwork error messages smt package artwork smart macro fails generate update layout 11-13-2008
74 Find the "dependent var" value for its maximum value of independent variable 10-23-2008
75 How to find the "independent variable" values that correspond to the maximum value of a dependent 10-23-2008
76 Design Name - Time Stamp Example 10-13-2008
77 AEL scripting examples - where can I find out more 10-07-2008
78 read_imt function provides a method for direct reading of A and B type IMT files without need for simulation 09-16-2008
79 Macro Model S-Parameter Optimization 08-07-2008
80 spur_analysis_at_freq allows viewing of all spurs which coincide at single frequency 07-07-2008
81 write_bit_file() AEL expression helps generate bits from ADS dataset waveform 07-07-2008
82 After changing HOME directory, the warning AEL file not found is seen at ADS startup 02-20-2008
83 a solaris 10 installation returns ael error message 02-20-2008
84 AEL Expressions Installation Instructions 10-01-2007
85 Comparing measured TDR vs measured s-parameter in time domain Set-up assumptions tdr_sp_gamma tdr_sp_imped tdr_step_imped 09-04-2007
86 create text file based on ads data 07-27-2007
87 calculates maximum of 2 curves 07-11-2007
88 renumber schematic component ids 03-02-2007
89 2005 using ael script combine multiple s2p touchstone files each unique s2p file associated with corresponding value of an independant variable ex 01-12-2007
90 Adding Custom Libraries to ADS Configuration 12-20-2006
91 control ads from another application using ads ael script approach 09-22-2006
92 a batch file run ads debug mode on pc 02-14-2006
93 Insert variable on ADS schematic with AEL 12-09-2005
94 ael create list 11-10-2005
95 get name of layer file current layout or schematic 07-08-2005
96 Batch simulation 06-06-2005
97 Using AEL to get the location of pin 1 in a schematic 04-28-2005
98 function compute determinant of 2x2 3x3 or 4x4 matrix 04-25-2005
99 file select dialog 01-12-2005
100 Custom AEL function to draw polygon automatically by specifying vertices 11-25-2004




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