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Advanced Design System 2011.10 Hotfix Downloads

General Hotfix 372.608 (Linux and Windows)

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General Hotfix 372.608 Download Operating
Date Linux (32-bit) zip 981,910,091 bytes 2011-11-13 Windows (32-bit) zip 450,545,362 bytes 2011-11-13


This is a hotfix for ADS 2011.10 and addresses various issues related to:

  • Differences between Momentum RF simulations
  • More inconsistent Momentum results running repetitive simulations
  • ADS2009 & ADS2011 different simulation result
  • Memory leaks in EM plugins
  • Saving a small design writes a temporary file larger than 128MB
  • Workspace Open and Create operations fail. Errors suggest *recursive INCLUDE file reference*. ADS 2011.10 installed on network-attached storage
  • Migration: symbol with circles gives error: invalid bounding-box for an ellipse
  • Polygon self-intersection gives warning if only 1 point is before a starting arc
  • Switching Layer Preferences Inefficient
  • Layer preference dialog: After setting any parameter for a particular layer it reset to top of dialog
  • ADS draws the artwork macro incorrectly if you set your entry mode to 90-degree and you have a polygon in an artwork macro that has the final vertex that does not create a 90-degree angle

All future hotfixes of this series will be cumulative in nature. This is a General hotfix.

Please read the Release Notes for more details.