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A-LFNA Downloads


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Note: A-LFNA requires a license to operate which should be obtained before downloading.

Welcome to A-LFNA Downloads

Access to on-line support information for A-LFNA requires a login and supported status. Please log in using your EEsof Knowledge Center login/password to display and access support content, such as documents and examples. The login is available at the upper right-hand corner of this page. You can also use the login screen to register if you're a first time user of this site.

Download Software

This page provides software downloads for current and previous releases.
Main Product Release
This represents the main software product.
Add-on Software
Additional software products that can be added to enhance the capabilities of the main product software release.
Software Patches / Hotfixes
From time to time, software patches and hotfixes are released to enhance or improve specific processes in the main product release.
Licensing Software
All Keysight EEsof EDA products require FLEXnet licensing software to run.