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This document contains references to Agilent Technologies. Agilent's former Test and Measurement business has become Keysight Technologies. For more information, go to

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WaferPro Express 2014.04 Release Notes

The WaferPro Express 2014.04 release is the latest version of the new on-wafer characterization software offered by Keysight. This release provides a newly designed UI and enhanced user experience, which makes it much easier and faster for configurations to complete first-time measurements.



Platform Support

Windows 7 and Linux RHEL 5/6.

What's New

WaferPro Express is fully integrated with Agilent EEsof device modeling products. The tests developed in the IC-CAP environment can easily be executed in WaferPro Express, while data measured with WaferPro Express can be easily loaded into IC-CAP, Model Builder Program (MBP), and Model Quality Assurance (MQA).

WaferPro Express 2014 is a new, easy-to-use, yet flexible and powerful software for wafer-level measurements of devices, and circuit components. It is designed for device modeling and characterization engineers. It's key benefits include:

  • Turnkey test DC, CV, and RF algorithms for CMOS, BJT and other major technologies
  • Over 50 turnkey drivers for most common instruments, interfaces, and operating systems
  • Modern and intuitive user interface makes it easier to define a wafer map and test plan, including a configurable device table
  • Full support for DC measurements with probe cards and switch matrix
  • Fully integrated in the Agilent device modeling flow, resulting which, data can be easily exported to modeling platforms such as IC-CAP, MBP, and MQA
  • Optimized for Cascade Microtech Nucleus prober control software and supports a variety of probers
  • Advanced Data Display and Wafer Data Mapping viewer
  • SQL Database for handling high volume data
  • Python/PEL programming for data monitoring and post-processing along measurement drivers implementation

Supporting Operating Systems

WaferPro Express 2014 is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • LINUX Red Hat 5 and 6

Installing WaferPro Express 2014.04

The WaferPro Express 2014.04 release does not support backward compatibility for the earlier released version (Alpha). If you have installed an earlier version of WaferPro Express, perform the following steps to remove previous version settings:

  1. Uninstall the previous WaferPro Express version.
  2. Reboot your PC.
  3. Ensure that no installation folder of the previous version is present on your system.
  4. Install the latest WaferPro Express 2014.04 build.
  5. Verify the license.
  6. Before starting WaferPro Express, clean up the old user settings. Access HOME/hpeesof and rename the waferpro folder, such as 'waferpro_old', or you can remove the 'waferpro' directory.
  7. Start the newly installed WaferPro Express.

Licensing Information

WaferPro Express 2014 requires version 2014.01 of the EEsof EDA licensing software and version 3.1 codewords to run.  Form more information, visit EEsof EDA License Server Software.

To access an updated license and version 3.1 codewords, please visit the Keysight Software Manager (KSM).

Known Issues

  • MoveToDie Tool in Wafer Map window is not working.
  • For Prober/Matrix/Chuck, selecting 'None' does not work as expected. Choose '' (blank) if you want to disable it.
  • If multiple device type measurements are activated in a Test Plan, Node-Unit assignment does not work correctly in measurement.
  • Although no optimization and extraction available, such term could be found in WaferPro Express.
  • Unexpected behaviors might occur, such as:
    • Routine editor window does not come on top automatically on Linux. Need to bring this up manually.
    • Previous Test Plan Status window is not closed automatically. You need to close it manually by selecting File > Exit in the Status window.
    • Wafer Map data viewer shows data for blank row as well and does not refresh properly.
    • If a field is empty in the Device Type Editor, it does not allow you to close the dialog box.
  • Simulation can crash if any old related processes remain running. To avoid this, you need make sure no old process is running in the background.
  • Cut/Copy and Paste feature might not work in certain circumstances.
  • Shortcut keys (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V) sometimes not work as expected. For text copy, use right-click and select Copy from the context menu
  • No progress bar is shown during the instrument Rebuild process even though it takes some time..
  • Reloading measured log can work properly only just after running a Test Plan.
  • Some window logos are not correctly with WaferPro Express brand.
  • Parser is not working properly for Python in Routine Editor.
  • No warning message comes if you do not set up your test plan properly.
  • Database connection does not work in this version.
  • In N6705 driver, after running current-driven measurement, the bias is not cleared properly. Use only voltage-driven setup.
  • Certain sections in the documentation are not up-to-date.
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