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ADS 2017 Update 0.2 Installation Instructions


This document describes the installation instructions for ADS 2017 Update 0.2. Unlike other ADS minor updates, ADS 2017 Update 0.2 is not an addon but a full installer.  On the Windows platform, the  ADS 2017 Update 0.2 installer will uninstall any previously installed ADS 2017 (ship or update 0.1) version and then perform a fresh installation for Update 0.2.  On the Linux platform, install ADS 2017 Update 0.2 into a new directory path.


Following is the list of precautions:

  • Close ADS 2017, kill all the background processes related to ADS 2017 including Job Manager and Remote simulation, before installing the Update.
  • Do not start ADS 2017 while the Update installation is in progress.
  • Do not interrupt the Update installation while it is in progress.
  • Disable/Minimize UAC in case of Windows 7 before installing the Update.
  • Make sure none of the following processes are running while installing the Update.
    ("hpeesofde" , "hpeesofemx" , "hpeesofdds" , "hpeesofhelp" , "hpeesofsim", "hpeesofsess","hpeesofpkg", "MomEngine", "agilent-vacomp", "eesofpvm*", "oaFSLockD.exe")
For more information, refer to the instruction notes under Known Issues and Workaround topic.

Installing the ADS 2017 Update 0.2 on Windows

To install ADS Update on Windows:

  1. Download the ADS installation file(s) ads_2017_update0.2_win_x64.exe and vtb_2017.exe  to any folder, for example C:\Temp.
  2. Run ads_2017_update0.2_win_x64.exe.

  3. If a previous version of ADS 2017 is installed then the Previous Version Detected message is displayed, which will prompt to uninstall the previous version and install the new version.
  4. Click Continue to uninstall the previous version and install the new version. For information on how to uninstall ADS, see Uninstalling ADS.
    This will remove all the customization added in your previous version, you need to re-apply them as required.

    Click Exit to retain the installed version and quit the installation process.

Installing the ADS Update 0.2 on Linux

ADS 2017 Update 0.2 can co-exist with ADS 2017.  You should install it to a new directory; if you already have the original ADS 2017 (ship or update 0.1) version installed, do not install ADS 2017 Update 0.2 to the same installation directory as that of the original ADS 2017's.

For information on installing ADS on Linux, see ADS 2017 Quick Install-Linux and Solaris.


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