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EEsof EDA License Server Software

Download Latest Version

  EEsof EDA License Server Software Version 2019.02

What is EEsof EDA License Server Software?

Starting in 2011 all EEsof products now require a license server to operate. For Windows systems, the EEsof EDA License Server and Tools Software is automatically installed with the product. The license wizard launches at the end of product installation and will configure and setup a license server on the user's local machine. Linux and Solaris platforms do not have an automatic wizard to configure and setup a license server and require a manual installation instead.

Why would I need to download and install it?

EEsof EDA License Server Software allows a user to install the license server software separately and independently from any product installation. For example, if your EEsof EDA product is installed on a Windows machine, but your license server is on a Linux machine, you only have to download and install the Linux version of the EEsof EDA License Server Software, not the complete product installation for Linux.

If you will be using version 3.0 licenses with any of the following older releases, you will want to install the latest license server software on your license server.

  • ADS 2009, 2009 Update 1
  • SystemVue 2009.05, 2010.06, 2010.07, 2011.03
  • ICCAP 2009, 2009 Update 1, 2010.08
  • Genesys 2010.05


How To Setup License Server Software (Videos)

How to setup common license server configurations
How to setup version 3.0 licenses for use with pre-2011 Keysight EEsof software