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Common Problems Encountered When Downloading


When downloading software from Keysight EEsof EDA, you are asked to agree to a license agreement and then a pop-up window appears and the Keysight Download Manager (DLM) opens. The Keysight DLM is actually a download manager supplied by Akamai. It allows downloads to be stopped and restarted, or to resume if the download is interrupted during a long download. Unfortunately, the DLM itself can be problematical and you may encounter errors such as:

  • Download integrity is invalid. Try to download a fresh copy of the URL. Would you like to start over?
  • The provided URL is invalid. Cannot download.
  • Network error, cannot download. Check connections, and try again. Would you like to retry now?
  • An irrecoverable error has occurred.

In some cases, the DLM simply won't start. You may see the Downloading File window open and then close and nothing else happen.


If the Akamai DLM is not working for you, you can bypass it entirely and do a direct download. This will use your browser's built-in download manager.

If you are using Firefox, please do the following:

  • The Firefox browser uses a Java version of the Akamai DLM. If you disable Java in Firefox, the Akamai DLM will not start and the built-in Firefox download manager will be used instead. Here is what you need to do:
    1. Start Firefox
    2. Go to: Tools > Options
    3. Select Content
    4. Uncheck the "Enable Java" checkbox and click OK to save your change.
    5. Now go to the product download page and download the files you want.

Once you are finished downloading, you can go back to Tools > Options, select Content and check the "Enable Java" checkbox.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please do the following:

  • Internet Explorer uses an ActiveX control version of the Akamai DLM. You can prevent it from starting as follows:
    1. Stop all instances of Internet Explorer on your machine.
    2. In the Windows Explorer, go to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files
    3. Find "DLM Control" and right click on it and select Remove.
    4. Now, start IE and go to the product download page and click on the download you want.
    5. When the small "Downloading file" window appears, you will be prompted to install and run the Download Manager from Akamai Technologies. Make sure you click NO. The Akamai DLM control will not be installed and the Downloading file window will be left.
    6. Click on the "click here" link in the Downloading file window to download the file directly.

In Internet Explorer, check your security settings by looking at Tools > Internet Options > Security. The default Medium setting has all of the necessary features enabled to use Akamai DLM successfully. The High level does NOT.

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