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DDR2 and DDR3 Compliance Management Toolkit Downloads


Other available ADS downloads

DDR3 Version 2

DDR3 Version 2 kit contains several enhancements and bug fixes compared to the DDR3 Version 1 kit that was shipped with ADS 2009 Update 1.

  • Enhancements
    1. DQ timing measurements with alternate AC150 threshold.
    2. Skew measurements between DQS and Clock.
    3. Produce Compliance report in Excel format.
  • Bug Fixes
    1. Batch simulation and Parameter sweep does not work properly in version 1. This issue has been fixed in version 2.
    2. Version 1 of ths kit allowed several signals of the same type to be used. E.g. several different clock signals in a single probe. This could cause ambiguous situations in the measurement code to occur. Version 2 restricts the kind of signals that are allowed in the probe.
DDR2 Version 1

This is a brand new kit and includes all the fixes and enhancements from DDR3 Version 2. This kit is customized for the DDR2 technology. Among the significant differences is the support for single-ended DQS and related timing measurements. This kit also includes the relevant compliance test constraint and configuration files for the DDR2 standard.

Download Operating
Windows ZIP 1.8 MB 11 Nov, 2009
Windows ZIP 2.1 MB 11 Nov, 2009
  • Licensed Installation of ADS 2009 Update 1
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