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This document contains references to Agilent Technologies. Agilent's former Test and Measurement business has become Keysight Technologies. For more information, go to

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Know Your Menus




Windows, UNIX, and Linux installation/uninstall and licensing information, Overview of how to use ADS, Release Notes - Latest information for the current release of ADS and customization details. Also, lists Examples shipped with ADS

DesignGuides as Tools and templates for completing design tasks in ADS,and Design Kits

Schematic Capture, physical design, data display, Design Rule Checker (DRC), Layout Vs. Schematic (LVS), and other tools enabling designers. Also includes AEL and Measurement Expressions function references.




Simulation and analysis tools. Includes theory of operation and examples. Also includes the Simulator Expressions function reference and co-simulation. ADS Ptolemy Simulation, Model Creation information includes information on Advanced Model Composer, Broadband SPICE, Cadence Library Integration, RF IP Encoder, and several other models. Additionally includes Wireless Test Benches and Electromagnetic - Momentum and FEM Simulator

Translating designs into ADS, moving data within ADS, and running simulations using physical instrumentation.

Circuit, signal processing, wireless design, vendor component information, Library Builder.

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